Fresh From The Rumour Mill

After the “big loss”, the rumour mill has been on full.

You know the drill…

Here are the latest;

1. Kovalev to STL for Boyes, straight up. Now, this isn’t new, per se, but it is the first time we’ve had a name connected coming back for Kovy.  I’d gladly take the 28 yr. old Boyes, and his extra year of contract, in return for the expulsion of Kovalev.  If this happens, think sooner rather than later, especially with the imminent return of Oshie.

2. OTT 2011,12,13 1st rnd. picks to NJD for Parise. Interesting…but seems a tad extreme to me, particularly for a GM in his last year.

3. Kuba & Lee to MIN for Barker. Why is it always Lee to Minnie and Fisher to Nash?  Well, in the world of rumours, why not?  But, with the potential long term loss of Zidlicky, there might be something to this one.

4. Murray Fires Clouston, Big Mel Says No. Steve Simmons, of the Toronto Sun, reports that the rumour around the WJC have Murray denied in firing Clouston, and told by Melnyk that if Clouston goes, Murray will go with him.  This, to me, seems odd, at best.  First off, Melnyk and Murray are real tight, so I don’t believe his job is at risk.  Secondly, how would this get out?  Either Murray, or Melnyk would have to have related this story…seems very unlikely to me.  Lastly, if you do not trust your GM to do his job, why keep him at all?  Keeping Murray will not do anything to change this season, unless you allow him to act, which, you won’t…non-sensical.

Well, enjoy them, FWTW, nothing.

Also, as expected, no knife work for Spezza.  He should be back on the ice within 4 wks, and ready to go within 6, on the outside.



3 Responses to “Fresh From The Rumour Mill”

  1. – I would get rid of Kovalev for a bag of pucks if someone would take him.

    – Three 1st round picks? Yikes no thanks. He’s a great player but you
    see how Toronto is affected by not having 2 first round picks. No first
    round picks for 3 yrs.. that’s a disaster in building your prospects.
    Unless you are trading your good veterans for 1st rounders from other
    teams — then maybe.

    – Kuba & Lee to Minn for Barker — done..

    – Steve Simmons.. another Toronto media person who thinks they know
    everything about Ottawa. Worry about the Leafs will you. For your
    comments on Ottawa — keep them to yourself.

  2. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

    I’d rather keep the first round picks. I REALLY want the Sens to land Gabriel Landeskog in June..

    But I would do the rest of those trades in a heartbeat.

    I’d also be looking into trying to acquire Marcus Foligno and Quinton Howden. I was very keen on both getting drafted by the Sens, but it was not to be. But both players are proving me right with their play.

    I’ve been thinking of Fisher and Phillips to Buffalo for M. Foligno and 2nd round pick. It’s win-win-win. Buffalo gains the gritty centre with size they so desperately need as well as a (usually) dependable shutdown d-man to hopefully make things easier for Ryan Miller. And they don’t really give up all THAT much.

    For Ottawa, they get in Foligno what they used to have in Fisher and Neil: gritty, hard-hitting leaders with scoring upside. But Fish and Neil are old and have lost their edge and effort. PLUS improving Buffalo means one less competitor for a top 5 pick.

    Another trade idea I have is Neil and Ruutu for Cogliano and Brule. Edmonton needs some size and grit in the bottom six, and Ottawa needs to get younger. Again, win-win.

  3. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

    Oh, I forgot about Clouston.

    It would be really stupid to fir the best coach the team has had since Murray. By now it should be evident that coaching is NOT the problem. Overpaid role players eating up valuable cap space and losing key assets for little or no return is.

    I’m inclined to keep Murray around for his brilliant drafting, but he needs front office help in the free agency/trades department. Similar to the Feastor move in Calgary.

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