Clouston Plays Russian Roulette

And gets it in the head.

38 GP, 17 Pts. and a PROD of 36:17

Honestly, how hard would this be to replace?

If Murray just waived Kovalev, walked away from him for nothing, would Shannon really do worse?

Not a chance.

Shannon may have fewer points, but his PROD is better (35:36), he can skate, back check and most importantly, he actually seems to give a crap.

Imagine that!

Does a GM really have to get something in return for a player to make a team better?  Or is just getting out the message that apathy is unacceptable, return enough?  I’d argue it is.  Murray may not be able to get rid of his contract, without removing him from the team, but he can send a clear message that playing with hunger and drive matters.

If Rolston can be waived, why the hell can’t Kovalev?

I’m not trying to assassinate the guys character here, I’m just saying it as I see it.  Kovalev plays like effort is an insult to his ability.  Like urgency is an affront to his stature.  Frankly, like he’s too good to be bothered to come up with a second effort, or honestly, even a half assed first effort.

Get him off of this roster, now.

If he’s driving fans insane with his lazy efforts, what is he doing to the dressing room?  I have absolutely no doubt every player is ready to snap.  You won’t hear it from them, but it has to be simmering.





Just get him away from this roster.



3 Responses to “Clouston Plays Russian Roulette”

  1. I am with you, brother. On goal three, I counted at least 3 times where ak27 swings and misses, giving the goal to jackets. Seriously, this guy is not helping. St. Louis, please take our un-used goods.

  2. You wonder what is keeping Murray from waiving Kovalev. Perhaps you ignore the possibility that it’s not Murray’s choice, that Melnyk–who likely was the man who made the signing happen–doesn’t want to throw good money after bad, doesn’t want to buy out another contract as he’s still paying Cheechoo and Emery. Seems normal to me.

    Trade? If it could happen, it would have. Any trade will have to wait until later in the year, when Kovalev’s cap hit will be manageable.

    Waive? Won’t help. It’s unlikely he’ll be picked up, and if assigned to Binghamton, his salary still counts against Ottawa’s cap as he’s on a 35+ contract.

    Scratch? What will it help? It will only lower any trade value Kovalev might have, and take another of our strongest offensive threats out of the lineup.

    Kovalev is 4th in team scoring. I’m not impressed with his giveaway yesterday, either, but doing something with him will not solve the problems plaguing this team.

    • You can’t lose money waiving Kovalev, he’s being paid so long as he’s property of the Sens, waivinghim does not increase the teams financial liability. Worst case scenario an injury forces the Sens to call up another forward, which could be Kovalev, if they should so choose, or another, thus adding to the salary load.
      As for improving the team, yes, IMO, making the statement helps to improve the team, as does removing a player who costs your team points with lazy/apathetic play.
      Think of him as an investment, when it turns sour, get out, don’t fool yourself into thinking it will turn around, instead, think of what is left of it (his ice-time) as opportunity to be leveraged elsewhere.
      Get him out, now.

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