A White New Year?

Now that Smith has been recalled, as expected, some people are pointing to the recent waiving of former Ottawa Senator, and Kanata native, Todd White as Murray’s next possible move in shoring up the team after the loss of Spezza.

White, a natural centreman, who has played with Alfredsson, finds himself a victim of the salary cap, after signing a sweet deal following a career year.  The fact is his salary is just too high for a team tight to the cap to accept, unless of course, his particular skill set is needed, which is not the case in NYR.

But he might fit in here.

A potential Lee for White swap?

If they assign, then recall him, it would be all the more likely.

The other player likely to be soon made available, via half price re-call, is ageing veteran Brian Rolston.

Would he be worth a +35 2.54 commitment next year?  He is a natural LW’er, with goal scoring ability, but that is a lot of cap space for a soon to be 38 yr. old player.

I’d pass.



3 Responses to “A White New Year?”

  1. Todd White? Never thought of that one. Although he game has ‘fallen’ off it could also be he has not been put into a position of playing with good players. He is a good face-off player.. so it may not be too bad. He is also in the last year of his contract at $2.3 M — so on re-entry it would be half of that. Then being half-way through the season.. it’s half again.

    Not a bad thought. Even though he is 35 – it would only be for a couple of months.
    As for Rolston…. no thanks

  2. Differing Opinion Says:

    Pass on white, had quite enough of the “Ottawah Boi” past their prime contingent. White was ok in the mid-90s, we don’t need him at this point of his our our history.

  3. White… Maybe as a stop gap with Spezza out and younger centre’s developing, but I think Fish and Kelly can fill that role for now. I would definitely pass on Rolston.

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