Tactical Victory or Strategic Defeat?

Sometimes you can win an important battle, but the cost will lose you the war.

Tonight’s win over the Pens may well prove to be exactly that.

Tactically, this was a great game for the Senators.

The power-play was effective, the defensive play was solid, and the effort was present for a full 60 minutes.  Add to this some truly outstanding goaltending, and you have yourself one hell of a great performance.

Strategically, this game may have been devastating.

If Letang’s inexcusable (and increasingly characteristic) cheap shot boarding of Spezza results in a long-term injury, the Senators will go from a difficult position to a near impossible one.

All because poor Kris was upset about losing a game.

Imagine if you or I could just bury a guy because we were having a bad day?

What a world that would be, eh?

I think you’ve lost touch with reality Letang.

All I’ll say is, should one of his teammates, or he himself, get scumbagged, I won’t so much as bat an eye in sympathy…in fact, I’ll probably laugh when he, and those around him, scream bloody murder.

The guy’s a pathetic cheap shot artist, protected by a league desperate to ride a teams coat-tails to a major TV deal.

Just speculating here, but based upon Spezza’s demeanor going off of the ice, it sure looked like either an A.C. separation  or clavicle fracture.  The former can vary in seriousness from needing a few days rest (type I), to season ending ligament surgery.  The latter would likely result in a 2 month recovery.

Again, this is pure speculation on my part, and the results won’t be known until X-rays are examined and swelling, if any, is sufficiently controlled for a thorough motion test.

Here’s hoping he just had a “popper”, and a few days rest, with ice, will see him back to normal sooner rather than later.



2 Responses to “Tactical Victory or Strategic Defeat?”

  1. So demoralizing. But yes, hope is good. Hope Spezza’s injury isn’t as grave as it can be. As for the Pens, I dislike them more every time I see them play.

  2. It may yet lead to a strategic victory!! – If Spezza is out for 6 weeks, the Sens drop like a rock, and move out veterans for draft picks, then a top 5 draft pick is in the cards – that should improve the picture regarding top 6 forwards for the future – a little short term pain for long term gain I say.

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