Spezza Suffers A.C. Seperation, Letang Denies Responsibility, Gary Plays Dumb.

Well, not the worst, but not the best either, is the report coming from the Sens medical staff.

It would appear Jason suffered a Type I or II separation on his right shoulder.  The fact the injury does not, at this point, require surgery would indicate a mild type II with tendon sprain but not a complete tear.

This injury will require a great deal off short-term rest, but the good news is the recovery time can be short, depending upon how quickly the shoulder responds.  This is unlikely to be clear until the swelling comes down over the next 36 hrs and a full mobility test can be conducted.

Six weeks would be on the outside, should the shoulder be on the brink of a complete tear (again, only time will tell), or it could be a short as 1-2 weeks if it turns out to be just a mild strain.

At this point swelling is probably hiding the truth, so it’s a best guess for the doctors who can only really determine if there has been tendon shear vs strain.

Will the hit even be reviewed by the league?

Bettman will never allow a review of a hit by Pittsburgh’s #1 Dman, before the big “Winter Classic”.  Pittsburgh is the “golden child” of the league, and that’s why Letang wasn’t given a major, and why you won’t hear so much as a peep out of the league about this hit, not one word.

Letang says he didn’t hit him “I saw him going to the puck and he kind of turned his back so I didn’t want to hit him, so I put my two hands around him,” Letang said. “I think he tripped before and it kind of looked bad on the play.”

Now watch the video – Did you see Spezza trip?  Or did you see Letang shove him, from behind, into the boards, with full arm extension?

Unlike you Kris, video doesn’t lie, you are a scumbag, protected by a greedy, a-moral commissioner.

Everyone knows it.

We also know, if that hit had been Kuba on Malkin, we’d be talking suspension, big time.

This is why blogging is important. I don’t have a press pass to worry about. I don’t have a family to feed based upon what I write. I don’t have to eat a mouthful of shit and call it chocolate.

I can say it like it is.

Business is business, right Gary, and you could care less about integrity, unless it makes you more money.

One last observation on last nights officiating.  If Shannon deserved 2 minutes for being elbowed in the face, and reacting to it, why the hell would Goddard get only a 10 min. misconduct for chasing a guy around the ice, shoving him, then bear hugging him before throwing off his gloves?

Delay of game?




Nah, just ignore it, and feel bad for the 2 minute a game goon that had his face caved in.

Hell, why not award him a penalty shot too?

Now that’d be exciting, eh Gary?

Honestly, sometimes I wonder why…



8 Responses to “Spezza Suffers A.C. Seperation, Letang Denies Responsibility, Gary Plays Dumb.”

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more.

    I wonder how many other players would get away with mouthing a referee like Cindy did after being assessed a penalty. This is a bush league when it comes to officiating – from Bettman down to the referees. It’s pathetic.

  2. There is still favoritism in this league. He hit him from BEHIND pure & simple. He did not intend to hurt him? Then why did you hit him from behind. You can bet if Sens did that to Crosby they would probably be looking at a 10 game suspension.

    This league discipline is a big joke.

    It’s up to Murray to go to the league to demand they review it. If he doesn’t do this.. nothing will be done by the league.

  3. To be honest I am a huge sens fan. I was at the game, and thought letang deserved a major penalty. But upon review, and trying to be in biased- Spezza definatley tripped. Watch it again- he toe picks the ice, if that doesn’t happen he just gets pushed a little into the boards. Big deal- let’s move on.
    I thought the redding was a little weak, but let’s not be whiners.

    • Toe pick?
      That is absolute bullshit.
      Let’s just assume he did toe pick, which he didn’t, he was pivoting, how does that mitigate the full arm extension of the push? The fact it was from behind? The fact it was into the boards from 4 feet away?
      Saying this was excuseable due to a toe pick would be like blaming a guy for being shot in the head because he ducked.


  4. Looks pretty similar to me…

    P.S. I’m a huge Sens fan, but I’m also a rational one. Alfie’s hit was the first thing in my mind when that happened.

    • Bruce, the Alfie hit was from the side while tucker was skating parallel to the boards to play the puck, not a push from behind, while the player is moving perpendicular to the boards. Spezza was attempting to pivot, fronting out Letang, to protect a puck he was not yet within reach of. Letang then pushed him from behind and into the boards, it was not a check, it was a push.
      Watch it again, these two hits are very different, albeit the Alfie would have been a penalty in todays game, but prior to the lock-out, that was a bread and butter hit in the NHL.
      Add to this Tuckers absolutely clown like over-reaction and the fact he did nothing to mitigate the hit he knew was coming, and you have yourself a very unfair comparison.
      Spez bumped Letang, and considering the speed of the two players, this was a speed check, putting Leatang out of defensive position, what he couldn’t mitigate for was an illegal push from behind.
      Tucker, after making two over-shoulder checks, knew Alfie was coming, he then slowed when turning up the boards, and did not attempt to a speed check him or plant for the hit. Basically, he purposely set up that hit he knew Alfie had to make. Do you not kind of wonder how Tucker was so easily checked into the boards when he knew Alfie was coming? This is Tucker we’re talking about.
      Letang pushed Spezza after Spezza speed checked him on the play, Alfie checked Tucker,after Tucker stopped skating and waited for the hit.


  5. I’m a huge Sens fan but Spezza dove into the the boards and is faking the whole thing to make Gary Bettman look bad.

    P.S. I’m actually a huge Pens fan.

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