Elliott and Kuba Combine In Losing Efforts.

Lets be perfectly clear on this, Kuba and Elliott lost that game for the Sens.

If Kuba can’t do better than he has of late, sit/trade/waive him and play Lee or call up one of either Wiercioch or Gryba and at least get them some experience.

As for Elliott, he’s now cost this team two points in his last two starts…horrible.

Leclaire, seriously, are you injured or just a head case? He finally gets a chance to start some games, solidify a #1 position, in a contract year, and he lames out in the warm up, again.

This team just seems to have no luck.

But at least, despite the play of a few, they keep earning points.

I posted some days back that this team needs to earn 70 pts in the last 52 games, or a P% of 0.673.

Since that post they’ve earned 6 pts in 4 games, for a P% of 0.750.

What stings are the 2 points lost to the poor play of only a few players while the rest of the team is playing great hockey.

Here’s hoping the last few hold-outs can find the next gear and, once re-joining their team, help their team re-join the play-off pack.



4 Responses to “Elliott and Kuba Combine In Losing Efforts.”

  1. As easy as it is to feel that Leclaire is psychologically weak as well as physically, I suspect it is mostly the latter. But yeah, it is frustrating.

    All we want is a solid, mostly consistent, goalie. Injuries aside, we do not seem to have that consistency. I’ve read somewhere that Elliot has a shoulder problem. That might explain something. I’m not sure we have any AHL goalie options. Tough world.

    Kuba, well, I really don’t like to be mean spirited, but come on, give us a game or quit.

  2. I read on some internet site yesterday, that playing in altitude (thinner air) can affect the ‘legs’ of these players especially if they did not get in a good practice before the game.. Which they did not.

    Do you think that may have had an affect on Leclaire’s re-injurying his groin. Sounds a little far fetched.. but if true that would explain it.

    Mike Brodeur has been sent to Elmira for conditioning. So hopefully he will be ready in a week or so… maybe before then. Bingo let Lehner go the WJC — so Brodeur has to be available for backup.

    So if Leclaire is still suffering from the groin injury in 2 wks.. can you say — Hello MIKE.

  3. Guywantanamous Says:

    Karlsson and Phillips have upped their game. Campoli and Cakner are playing to expectations. Kuba and Gonchar are the weak links. You would expect these guys to be the strength of the team but both play so consistently bad you wish they could sit them out.

    I never liked the Leclaire trade. He had never proven anything. Why trade for a player who was injured at the time of the trade and wasn’t going to play that year. He was a salary dump by Columbus so Murray could have had him for a low draft pick. He has “potential” but he’s totally unreliable. Why even consider getting a health risk guy like that as your number one when it’s been pretty obvious Elliott is a less than adequate backup. Remember that the Sens almost didn’t resign Elliott prior to last year. Since Lehner won’t be ready for 2 years or more and Elliot can’t carry the load, the Sens will have to shop for another goalie or 2 for next year. Goal tending is still a major issue for the Sens.

    btw) If I was an owner, I wouldn’t choose Pierre McGuire or many of these other tv/radio/print analysts as my GM. Many of them were gung ho on Gonchar and Leclaire when the Sens signed them. A little common sense would make reasonable men ponder whether an aging Gonchar could play as well on a lesser team. They would also consider that Leclaire had never proven anything beyond a short stint on a defensively minded team. Leclaire’s background did not justify the hype of him being a reliable franchise goaltender.

  4. If you notice on some of those shots…. Elliott did not lift his left arm. I believe his left shoulder is the injured one — and possibly he should not be playing. If you can’t catch the puck.. what’s the good of being in the net?
    Sens can’t play him tonight.. & if Leclaire still cannot play — call up someone.
    Brust, Lehner or Brodeur. By the way, Brodeur played in Elmira last night… shutout. Don’t know if he is ‘fully’ ready.. but it’s obvious that Elliott & Leclaire are not.

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