Sens Finally Pointing In The Right Direction

A win sure would have been nice, particularly versus the 8th place Thrashers, but 1 point is better than nothing, and few teams know that better than Ottawa.

With the early power-play it seemed Ottawa was poised for a win, but they just could not beat Pavelic.  Few have this season.

But, after falling behind 3-0, the Sens, and Alfredsson finally began to get some goals, eventually tieing it up with a sweet penalty shot goal by Jason Spezza.

But what stood out most for me was Kovalev.  He is done.  Finished, kaput, washed up.  He no longer puts fear in the minds of defenders, who now just chase him down until he coughs up the puck.

He has to go, for whatever he can garner in return, as a means of addition by subtraction.

I have a feeling, with the goal by Alfie, this team has turned the corner.

Too little too late?

Maybe, but maybe not.



2 Responses to “Sens Finally Pointing In The Right Direction”

  1. I have to agree with you re: Kovalev. He looks lost out there and sure doesn’t seem like he wants to be here.

    Add his contract to the list of superstars that never really delivered for Ottawa.

  2. Also having a goaltender that can ‘steal’ you games (see Pavelec, Rask, Thomas, Fleury, Price, etc).

    If the Sens had that goalie.. they would now be closer to a playoff position.

    Although Leclaire & Elliott have played well at times.. they still give up too many bad goals and are too inconsistent.

    Mtl is where they are because of Price mostly. He has played all but 2 games the season. If that keeps up they will have one tired goaltender going into the playoffs. Price not in net.. no wins..

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