Sunday Trade Talk.

The Senators are in need of a true, proven reliable scoring LW’er.

At the moment the best hope rests in the young hands of either Peter Regin, Nick Foligno, or Milan Michalek.

All of these players have the skill to be top six wingers, but none are proven, or yet reliable.  Worse, the best of them, Milan, is really a RW’er, but due to a lack of depth on the other side of centre, is being forced to play out of position.

How much better would he be playing in his natural position?  We’ll never know unless the Sens get someone to fill his role on the left.

This issue runs in stark contrast to the depth on RW.

Alfredsson, Michalek, Kovalev, Shannon, Butler.

So who might be available at this point?

Well, it’s a good news bad news scenario.  There are likely proven offensive LW’ers out there, but every-one of them have issues.

Simon Gagne – Oh Simon, what skill, speed, energy, fragility.  Gags is a 225 lb power forward in a 185 lb body.  Six games into the season a neck injury had Gagne watching as TBL played lights out without him.  His recent return has not been overly impactful (6gp/3 pts) and rumour has it Yzerman would consider moving the remainder of his 1 yr. salary in return for some depth experience.

Possible trade – Simon Gagne for Jarkko Ruutu

Marty Havlat – We all know what Havlat brings.  Energy, enthusiasm, scoring prowess and a chance to gain some LTIR cap relief.  With Mach9 on the roster you can spend to the cap, knowing LTIR is surely to free up some call up room.

The biggest issue in landing Havlat would be the high expectation in return.  Either they will happily divest themselves of Marty’s long-term deal, or they will expect a Kovalchuk type return.

Possible trade – Havlat for Kovalev, 2011 2nd.

Alex Frolov – Frolov is Kovalev light.  He oozes skill, but plays with an edge…an edge of apathy.  The big benefit is he currently rides a one-year deal, so if he doesn’t make an impact, he can be cut loose at year-end.  The big question is, what would Sather accept in return (not want, every GM wants the world)?  If he cost the Sens a late pick, say a 3rd, it may worth pursuing.

Possible trade – Frolov for 2011 3rd.

Jiri Hudler – Another undersized scoring winger failing to score.  Unfortunately for Jiri, his team is kicking ass without him, and he has been a healthy scratch.  Add to this his recent flight to the KHL and Jiri may well be obtainable.

Possible trade – Jiri Hudler for Ryan Shannon , 2011 3rd

Nikita Filatov – O.k., this one is far from proven.  Another Russian, another brewing output vs. skill gap. Filatov is Erik Karlsson, on the left-wing, but with a propensity for exhibiting a selfish attitude both on and off the ice.  He’s had public spats with coaches in the NHL and WJC, he’s left the NHL for the KHL, and he’s now in the minors after failing to earn a regular role on Columbus.  Is Columbus ready to part ways with their problem child, and if so, do they expect the world in return?

Possible trade – Nikita Filatov for Jim O’Brien and 2011 2nd.



10 Responses to “Sunday Trade Talk.”

  1. Acquiring Jiri Hudler might be pretty good idea.Never thought of it
    I read the following from CBC NHL player forecaster:
    ASSETS: Has tremendous offensive instincts and creativity. Is a sharpshooter with pinpoint precision and accuracy. Can play either wing position.

    FLAWS: Must overcome his lack of size, strength and defensive polish each and every night. Could stand to play a more consistent game.

    CAREER POTENTIAL: Skilled, yet undersized scoring winger.

    Sounds like the kind of guy we could use especially the part about accuracy shooting and playing with spezza could make him a 30 goal scorer in my opinion.

    I would consider Havlat but I doutbht Minnesota would trade away their best scorer.

  2. More injury prone, highly paid players? More Russian head cases? No thanks.

    Hudler might be interesting though…

    I think the best strategy (now that the playoffs are pretty much out of the question) is to sell/rent expiring contracts before the deadline for picks and prospects. Then pick up a few key, young forwards as free agents in the summer to help with the rebuild (eg. Upshall, Connolly, Laich, or LaRose).

    If we had to make a trade (though I’m not confident in Murray’s trading abilities), I would say something like James Neal for Fisher and a 3rd.

  3. I would take Havlat back in a minute.
    Last 3 seasons – he’s played 81 games, 73 games & 28 games this season (that’s all of them). So he’s been pretty good considering his history. He has had chemistry with Spezza in the past.. question is, will he want to come back to Ottawa.
    No to Simon Gagne, Frolov & Filatov.
    Oman – if the Connolly you are referring to is Tim Connolly – he has more injury history than Havlat.
    I would take in free agency – Upshall, Laich or LaRose.
    There may be a lot of teams looking for free agents next season.. do you take what you can get now in trades or overspend with competition for the free agents next summer.

  4. You are right about Connolly Sandy. I guess I just like him as a player, and am still a bit bitter about all of Havlat’s disappointing injuries at key times. But yeah, he’d be risky too…

    If the trade is right maybe (eg. Fisher for James Neal), but I just haven’t seen Ottawa make a decent trade in a long time, and I’m not sure it’s possible.

    Free agents are expensive, but they can be great stop gaps if you have holes in your line up and some cap space to use.

    Also, a trade now isn’t going to get us into the playoffs, so any deal has to have the longer term vision in mind (young players with upside, picks etc.).

    • Oman, it’s hardly over, enough with that already.
      IF it’s eventually over, to hell with UFA’s, any of them, sell Kovy, Phillips, Ruutu, and Leclaire for picks or ELC prospects.
      Play the kids next year, sell Kuba, Kelly, draft in the top 10, then look at UFA’s.
      But I for one do not believe this is over. It ain’t good, but it ain’t over.

      • Have you read Steve Lloyd’s latest Gerald?

        It’s a bit sad, but I do agree with him. If I thought this team was going in the right direction, I would be happy to watch them lose more games and miss the playoffs for another year or two. Hope is what we need; not crushing, bitter, disappointment.

        I agree re. selling Kovy, Ruutu, Kuba and Leclaire. But I might try to keep Phillips for a discount to train the kids with Gonchar. And in my humble opinion Kelly is actually a great value for the money. He works hard, kills penalties well, forces turnovers, forechecks hard and is fantastic defensively. If he can score somewhere close to 20 goals and do all that, he’s money in the bank.

  5. Oman — I agree re: free agents. As much as I like (mostly) what Murray has done.. the free agents he brings in are too old. From what I hear there is not a ‘bumper crop’ of UFA’s this summer.. so any of the decent ones will be in a bidding war. Do you want the Sens to do that? I don’t.
    If Kovalev for Boyes is there — do it..
    Trade deadline trade expiring contracts for picks (preferred) or prospects.
    Agreed that the Sens don’t appear to be on the road to the playoffs. The teams they are trying to catch keep winning.. that’s not good.

    Best to stay near the bottom to get a higher pick. If they finish outside the top 5 in the draft order — who would you like them to take?

    What about Shane Prince of the 67’s. A left winger (which is something the Sens could use right now). A little on the small side.. but he’s a very good player. There seems in the past to be a lot of good Ottawa 67’s players that are ‘right under the noses’ of the Sens.. but they just seem to pass them by. Don’t understand that..

    • I honestly haven’t been following the draft, but yes, an elite left winger if available, for sure!

      And though I think expensive free agents can be very helpful on short contracts if they can fit under the cap, I do agree that building from the draft is key.

      If we sold some of the expiring contracts and brought up a few more kids to play out the year, it could be fun to watch (energy, enthusiasm, fresh legs, etc.) and it could help insure a high pick.

  6. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

    My trade ideas would be total blow-up. It’s obvious that the current Senators veterans/core is not suited to getting the job done…
    So trade Fisher, Michalek and Kuba for 2nd round picks. The latter two may be at too much of a low value-wise, but I’ll take 3rd round picks for them.
    Ruutu and Neil for 4th round picks.

    Bring Owen Nolan back over from Europe.

    Give the team to the kids:



    Nab the 3rd-5th overall pick. Draft Gabriel Landeskog

    The team next season looks like this:



  7. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

    After reading the comments, going after guys like Scottie Upshall and Brooks Laich in free Agency is a GREAT idea.

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