2009/10: The Worst 32 Game Stretch.

The 2009/10 season ended poorly.

The Senators once again limped into the post season, and faced the powerful Penguins sans their 1st line LW’er, they’re #1 goaltender, they’re #1 defenseman, and their 2nd line Rw’er.  Add to this the injury to Alfredsson, and you had a major skill deficit.

But the fact they made it into the play-offs made the over-all season a success.

The Senators finished that up and down season with 94 pts., good enough for a 5th place finish.  But it was a bumpy road along the way.  The season was punctuated with prolonged winning streaks, and losing streaks, and rarely did they play consistently at the  0.573 P% they finished the season with.  It always seemed red-hot, ice-cold, or 0.500.

The Sens worst 32 game stretch, from  Nov. 12th to Jan 2nd, saw the team net just 30 of a possible 64 points (0.469 P%).

Seem familiar?

Yet still the Sens made it into the post season.

Yes, the past 31 games was even worse than that, banking a paltry 28 pts. in 31 games (0.452 P%) but, with a win Monday night versus Atlanta, the Sens can pull even to that same terrible stretch last season.

Oh great, right?

Maybe “great” isn’t the right frame of mind, but maybe it will show that the post season hopes aren’t yet lost.

The truth is the team does appear to be playing an improved brand of hockey. Fisher looks better, Foligno may have turned the corner, Alfie, though still mired in a pointless streak, appears to be playing healthier and on the cusp of regaining his form.

If Michalek and Kovalev can start to show solid recovery from their off-season surgeries, and Kuba can get back to regular season form after missing the first 16 games of the season.

That’s still a lot of “if’s” however the truth is the team is playing better.

The game versus Atlanta may not be a make or break game, but considering the standings, a win is vital and a loss would make a post season appearance all the more unlikely.

Since my “new season” post before the NJ game, the Sens are winning at a 1.00 P%.

2 of 70 and counting.



7 Responses to “2009/10: The Worst 32 Game Stretch.”

  1. I believe if you check last season — despite the bad injuries, inconsistency.. the Sens managed to stay in the top 8 the entire season.. just barely. (I could be wrong).

    They are now in 11th place – 6 pts or so out of 8th. They were not that far down in the standings last season.

  2. You are correct.. but at least last season Sens were in contention or close to it..

    Not so this year. The teams they are chasing keep winning.. so it’s hard to catch them.

  3. It’s a;ways possible that it will require more than 96 pts. to finish 8th, but not likely. Winning now, yes, but for the remainder of the season at this pace? Unlikely.

  4. The odds appear to be heavily against us:


    I’m afraid it’s time to collect our losses, so to speak, and start the rebuild in earnest. I’m not saying trade everyone, but trim the fat. Be sellers of expiring contracts. Trade for youth if you can. Start hoarding picks.

  5. Yes a great draft can change many things. Most likely none of the picks play next season in the NHL — unless we pick top 2 or 3.

    There is a rumour out there that Gudbranson (sp) may be traded by Florida? Would it be worth (if we have an extra one) to take him for a 1st round pick. Rumour has Florida may want Boston’s pick (from Toronto).
    It would be nice …. but not happening here.

  6. OMG I could do with one of those right now…. nice and smooth.

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