Are You Ready To Go?

Tonight’s the night.

We’ve all been waiting months for the start of the 10/11 season, and it’s finally here!

Game one will feature a game vs. the new look Devils, the Sens will round out an early home stand against Atlanta.

If the Sens are going to have success this season it will require the emergence of three young players; Regin, Foligno and Karlsson.

A top six battle is brewing between Foligno and Regin, with both entering the season believing they have what it takes to earn a steady role on one of the top two offensive lines.

Karlsson will need to continue where he left off last season, playing decent defense while providing superior transition ability and offense from the blue line.  Will he suffer the dreaded sophomore slump, or will the tutelage of Sergei Gonchar help speed up his development?

No doubt this team will be in deep just to make the post season, and if they’re going to do so the vets are going to have to perform as expected.  Alfredsson has to lead both offensively and defensively, Spezza has to take that next, last big step toward being the elite centre he is expected to be and Fisher has to provide the great physical two-way play that Sens fans have come to expect.

The role players are likely the least of this teams worries.  Kelly, Ruutu, Neil, Winchester, Shannon and one of either Foligno or Regin have the skill necessary to not just compete vs. their 3rd and 4th line counterparts, but likely dominate.

Defense and goaltending are a bit of an unknown as Gonchar is a new addition to the team, and Leclaire has yet to play often enough to really know what to expect from him, but there is reason to believe a core of Phillips, Gonchar, and Kuba provide enough skill and experience to get the job done.

This team has 52 games to earn the 70 pts. it will take if they hope to make the post season.

It’s a HUGE challenge, and it all starts tonight!

Go Sens Go!



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