Quick Rumour

What a great performance by Kelly, all around, not just on the score-sheet.  Nice to see Patsy finally receive some goals to complement his great play, too bad Elliott didn’t gt the same last night.

Beating the Rangers is very big considering they’re one of the teams the Sens will be trying to chase down in hopes of making the post season.

The Sun reports Bieksa is on Murray’s call list, but I’ve been told it’s actually a deal with Minnie that is brewing, with Barker being the Dman of note coming back in return.



3 Responses to “Quick Rumour”

  1. I dont know about Barker,he`s ok but I dont think he solve our issue on defence,I`d rather have a guy like Robyn Reghr.That being said,I believe we need some offence aswell.

  2. I didn’t see the game, I can hardly see any games these days but I saw the score and thought “hey! Who was that (not) masked man?” That was a fairly spectacular statement. Kudos:)

  3. I don’t know about that.

    Do you go with what you have this season.. and if, big IF, he makes it to free agency — throw all the money at Shea Weber.. big money, long term. He would be the D to build around with the good young guys coming like Cowen & Rundblad.

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