Sens Lose…In Other News, The World Keeps Spinning

Say what you will about that game, the Sens weren’t going to win it, and anyone with a shred of reality knew it before the puck even dropped.

They’re just not good enough.

But what was great to see was the play of Pascal Leclaire.  He was truly outstanding.

Going into the season everyone, myself included, was concerned about goaltending, but to date it has been nothing short of great.  This is something the team needs to rally around and use as the foundation for improvement.

Another great performance on the night came from Chris Neil who played hard all night and went to the bench after every shift making sure those he opposed knew he was out there.

Good for you Chris and Patsy, keep up the good work, your performances made the game worth watching.

The rest of the team needs to look at those two guys and see what comes of keeping it simple and just doing what you do best.

Most on this team need to take a long hard look in the mirror, suck it up and just play the damn game.  This China doll attitude isn’t going to help anything.  Honestly, what do you REALLY have to be worried about?

Get scored on first?

Just accept you’re going to lose, forget about it, don’t even consider the chance of winning, just go out, play your ass off and see what comes of it.

Miss the net?

Whatever, nobody died, don’t beat yourself up about it, it’s just a bloody game after-all.

Make a bad give-away?

Oh no, now you’ll lose everything right?  No chance, you’ll make more by the end of the night than 50% of the fans will in a year.

I’m not being sarcastic here, I’m dead serious.  You live a privileged life, playing a game that you love.

Just play.

Then you’ll win.

Then it will get better.

Or try it your way, worry, grip the stick, and lose.

Seems pretty simple to me.



One Response to “Sens Lose…In Other News, The World Keeps Spinning”

  1. UnbeLeafer in Brampton Says:

    Good post, completely agree. In my view this may have been a season ender though. There’s sort of an irony in Healtley’s first game back at the Bank in that it really drove home how far this team has fallen since the 2007 cup final (and I mean that as no compliment to the vile one himself). It’s as you said, they just aren’t good enough and it is what it is. There are some great fundamental pieces on this squad to build around but the need for a major overhaul has never been more exposed than it is the morning after that game. To play armchair GM, the first move ought to be prying Savard and his bargain $4 million a year contract out of Boston. He may well be had for Foligno, Ruutu and a pick given the Bruins salary cap issues and to have two top centres for $11 mil per year is the absolute best way to shore things up and analyse where we should go from there. Every great team has depth at centre, and, as much we all love the guy, Mike Fisher’s place (if indeed he still has one long term on this team) is as the third line centre and not in the top six.

    Always enjoy your scribblings from here behind enemy lines. Keep up the good work.

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