Rumour – Sens & Flames Talking?

Look, what I’m about to post is pure RUMOUR.

The names involved are staggering, to both clubs rumoured to be involved.

On the Ottawa side, these players may not be franchise guys, but they represent the future of the club.

On the other team, it is the face of the franchise, a franchise in turmoil.

Here’s the e-mail I received.

“Calgary is in full fledged panic mode, I’m talking outright mayhem.  The players are tunned out, the management is at each others thraots and the fans are ready to write off the season and are sick of hearing about the Oilers rooks knowing their cupboard sits bare…

Ottawa who has done a great job of restocking the shelves but can’t get them into the line-up.  Murray is looking to make moves in the forward ranks to spark the team and do something to cure the lack of offense.  He’s ready to part with some assets other teams value in favor of some guys curently playing in the American league…

Murray really wants Iginla and Calgary seems ready to listen and ready to move the remainder of his contract, it’s a big pill for any team to swallow during the season and there’s no way they can get a equal player back and they have to accept that if they move Iggy out.

Murray has put both Regin and Foligno in play and wants to throw in Kovalev as the replacement RW’er but the Flames know that would spell a full rebuild.  It would surely take picks if this was the case and Toronto set the bar in the Kessel deal at a couple of firsts for a player of quality.

Not saying this is the deal but knowing the money involved I would think something like Kovalev along with Regin and Foligno  and a 1 and 2 in return for Jarome and Kos or a player of a similar hit.”

So there you have it;

Iginla, Kostopoulos


Kovalev, Foligno, Regin and a 1st and 2nd.

Let me be the first to say…if only, but it ain’t going to happen.



7 Responses to “Rumour – Sens & Flames Talking?”

  1. There’s nothing better than a deal with Sutter… unless you’re a Flames fan. If we throw in Lee, maybe we can get Bourque too 😉

  2. woozle man Says:

    Oh man, I would *so* love to see that deal. I’m not a religious man, but I would erect a shrine and pray to Bryan Murray if he could pull that off.

  3. Iginla is still great no doubt, but im not sure its such a great deal because believe it or not, not even a 40 goal scorer could turn this team into a contender. The one interesting thing is that he has never had a center before.

  4. Differing Opinion Says:

    I wouldn’t do that trade. I’d rather keep two picks that will be relatively high if we keep sucking, as well as Regin who could be a nice project and Foligno…offensively-challenged as he is, is a nice prospect too.

    Plus…will Iggy even play to potential here? I mean, Calgary is a much more rough-housing, animated city than we are and our fanbase is a little crazy.

    Also, can you imagine THIS column?

    Ottawa Sun
    Don Brennan
    Jan 23 2011


    Iginla, the supposed saviour of the Senators franchise, stunk up the joint last night. Two shots on goal, a second assist, but no physical presence. He’s about as hard to play against as my grandmother. This is the man that’s going to lead Ottawa to the promised land? It says here that Murray’s trade will go down as one of the worst in history. Iginla has had no jump and has only scored one goal in his past three games.

    That’s uggly, Iggy. Really uggly.

    In other news, I’m chatting with a blonde on my Blackberry and I really like Cassie Campbell.

    I like Iginla, he doesn’t deserve this. :p

  5. Who would want Kostopolis. No thanks,
    Iglina – yes.. he would be great with Spezza and he can actual hit somebody. But to give up Regin, Foligno + a 1st & 2nd yikes.
    Toronto gave up those picks for Kessel as they had nothing on the Leafs or in the minors to send the other way – picks were all they had. Don’t forget Kessel is young… Iglina is over 30 is he not?
    I’d try to go – Foligno, Kovy (to clear space) – Weircoch + a 2nd rounder – maybe Jim O’Brien as well… but that’s it..

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