One Down, One Up?

With the anticipated departure of Lee to the minors (if he is lost to a waiver claim, the Sens retain first reclaim rights should he again be waived making it unlikely he’ll be claimed) it is anticipated one of either Corey Locke or Bobby Butler will be called up in hopes of generating some offense on the top 2 lines.

Of the two, I would expect it to be Corey, a player who has never had a real chance to earn a role in the NHL, and is probably willing to sacrifice mind, body and soul for an opportunity to prove himself NHL capable.

The other strong candidate is Jimmy O’Brien. He has had a solid start to the season, has size, speed and some NHL experience.

I can say this much for sure, something is going to happen, it just has to.



2 Responses to “One Down, One Up?”

  1. I hope to god it aint Locke. Not with this years squad’s needs. Before pure numbers-wise I would have been hyped on either guy being called up…but after watching that Binghamton v. Hamilton game at SBP last week HOT MESS is Locke lazy. We were having a laugh at his lack of hustle at points. Meanwhile, Butler was controlling the pace of the game most of the time with and without the puck. Though he didnt put one in he was far and away Bingo’s best man. I also talked to a Montreal Canadians scout about 2 years ago about Locke. I was a fan of Corey in his 67s days. I asked him, “hey you guys drafted Locke…guy was OHL player of the year twice…why havent I seen him since?” He said super frankly, “oh Locke, yeah plain and simple too small and too slow, I cant see him making the jump” I think he politely didnt include his effort level. We were remarking at the AHL game how its not so much that he’s slow as it seems he has very little urgency to his game (esp considering it was against his old team). I’m not going to take all credit away from the guy he has done very, very well in the A but if last Friday’s game was supposed to be a showcase of the future, for me, it’s Butler, Lehner, Weircoch all the way. Even O’Brien and Kinraide stood out. Locke was listless out there.

  2. Well apparently Alfie has the flu. Kovy still has not practiced today.. so could both be at risk not to play against the Sharks? Yikes as if it wasn’t going to be hard enough to beat them.

    Maybe both Butler & Locke are brought up.. How about also Greening.. their entire 1st line in Bingo. They have good chemistry. Greening is big and can play a physical game and lo and behold, go to the front of the net. That can be the 4th line.

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