Sens Need An Oil Change.

Tonight is exactly what the Sens need.

The Oil represent a very beat-able team and a win would raise their P% to 0.500 and kick start a winning streak going into a very important 16 game stretch.

A loss, however, would be devastating.

But with the Sens this season, nobody knows what to expect.  The only way to shake this mantle of inconsistency is to beat the teams lower in the standings, and a few of the teams ahead of you.

The Sens have dug the hole they’re in and losing any games against teams like the Oil is not just un-acceptable, it’s downright  destructive to their post season ambitions.

Statistically, 77.5% of teams out of the top eight, come U.S. Thanksgiving, miss the post season.

59% with 21 pts., come U.S. Thanksgiving, make the post-season.

All of these numbers means 2 things;

  1. Approximatley 2 teams currently in, will be out, therefore 2 teams currently out, will be in.
  2. The Sens have a 59% chance of being one of those teams currently out, being in, come April.

I’m not trying to be negative here, I’m just keeping it real.  The chances to make the post season are less than comfortable, making every opportunity to win absolutely critical.

The Sens must win this game to be considered legitimate contenders for the post season.   Losing to the 29th place team, in a must win situation, is a very negative indicator for the future.

The facts are the facts, and the reality is the Sens have already burned the slack in the line, and from here to the end of the season it will take solid play and consistent wins to pull themselves out of the hole.

I predict sitting 8th place in the east will require 93 pts.

This will require the Sens to earn 70 pts. in the remaining 58 games, or a P% of 0.604.

I have no doubt the Sens have the talent to do it, absolutely no doubt.

Like it or not the Sens aren’t the beasts of the east they once were, making every game from here to the end of the season critical.





p.s., here’s my latest b/r article.

Toronto Maple Leafs: Where Losing is Not An Option, It’s a Given


2 Responses to “Sens Need An Oil Change.”

  1. I’ve watched a few Oilers games this year. It would be a mistake to underestimate them – they are extremely talented, fast, and desperate. This game is no “gimme”. Also are those numbers regarding being in or out come thanks-giving post-lockout or total? It would be really interesting to know the difference in those figures before and after the lockout.

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