Is This It?

That was the best the Sens could do against one of the worst teams in the league, a 4-1 loss, at home?


25 games in, and the Sens sit 2 games below .500, and based upon the play tonight, they’re just fine with that.

Tonight showed absolutely no urgency or sense of opportunity. In fact, based upon the casual demeanor of the players both on and off the ice, one would think they figured this one was in the bag.

It was in the bag alright…and it left a lot of fans sucking wind.

It doesn’t matter what I hope, the fact is, the Sens are making clear emphatic statements that they do not have the drive to get the job done, and if they should come to discover it, it may be too late.

The only sliver of good news on the night came in the way of losses to two of the teams the Sens have to catch in order to make the post season.

Dallas dropped the ‘Canes, and the Blueshirts fell to the Pens.

It’s all I can do to keep from calling this teams post season ambitions dead.

It’s not over yet…but if things don’t change, and in spectacular fashion, it will be over soon…very, very, soon.



3 Responses to “Is This It?”

  1. That second period did it for my expectations. That was so flat one assumed they had a 3 or 4 goal lead instead of a fortuitous bounce in the first.

    If sitting Karlson a couple of games made him a better player, then I think we need about half the team in the press box next game and the other half the one after that. A little crowded there perhaps but a little discomfort may help as well.

    Alfie doesn’t appear to have much spark. I imagine he is playing through some kind of discomfort. If so, let him take the time to get over it. He is not terribly effective at the moment. We need him to be effective.

    That was a sad effort.

  2. I was at the game last night and here is my 2 cents worth. Kovalev just doesn’t give a s—. He stood around for over half of the time I watched him. His passes were for the most part horrible, especially in the defensive end. Phillips is playing like he’s trying to get sent to the minors. Gonchar is trying to carry the whole defense and he is not succeeding. Foligno is strictly a one trick pony. He drives the net with the puck – but that is it. No passing or set ups. Fisher – he is completely out of sync. Maybe its because of Kovalev? Shannon, Kelly, Winchester, Neil are playing well, as is the captain. Michalek tries hard just not doing anything. Ruutu – smart player, but mostly invisible during the night. I believe three checks were thrown by Ottawa. 2 by Neil and 1 by Carkner.
    I was pissed by the end of the game. The reffing was bad in the 3rd period.

  3. Alfie, Fisher, Kovy & Michalek we know are playing injured. IF they are that badly hurt — then sit them out. They are not helping.

    I too was at the game… and if that wasn’t giving your opposition no respect then I don’t know what was. Alfie had better take a look at the game tape or the mirror.

    Boston is in 8th place — 3 pts up on the Sens BUT with 3 games in hand. So that is a potential 9 pt difference. So if we match Boston’s win/loss record for the rest of the season — what does that tell you — Sens miss the playoffs.

    There is about 4 or 5 teams going for about 2 or 3 available spots in the top 8 — If Ottawa wants to get there.. they had better start playing like it. That should start on Thursday.

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