The Murray Swap Shop Open For Business.

With Lebrun speaking openly about Murray offering around Lee, and the Sens cap concerns growing all the more pressing with every passing game, somethings gotta give.

The problem is, nobody’s willing to give anything for Lee, in fact, most teams expect to get something in return for taking him off of the Sens books.

NYI has aparantly offered to take Lee, if a 2nd rounder is tucked into his pocket.

Murray would sooner waive him, and that’s where it is soon headed if something can’t be done by the end of the week.

Foligno has apparently drawn some interest from around the league, but no doubt his being O-fer this season means teams hope to get him for next to nothing.

Rumour has it there has been some reach out from the Oil around a Cogs for Foligno swap, but really, what would the Sens gain in another smallish player?

I suspect Murray would sooner wait out Foligno’s slump than deal from a position of weakness.

The talk around Camps to Columbus just won’t go away, but so far Howson is unwilling to accept Lee as part of the package for Hejda and Murray can’t add salary.

If Howson really wants to deal, I say go big or stay at home;

Foligno, Campoli, Shannon, Lee


Filatov, Hejda.

Pipe dream, but gotta ask…





4 Responses to “The Murray Swap Shop Open For Business.”

  1. What stock would you put in the speculation by Travis Yost that it may actually be Marc Methot the Sens are after? Would make sense as his and Lee’s salaries are comparable and we could throw in a 3rd or a prospect like Hoffman to seal it.

    • When it comes to rumours, anything goes.
      Mine is coming from someone from the west, in the NHL.
      I’ve been told for 2 weeks now that Camps is the target from Howson, and Hejda from Murray…but neither Murray nor Howson has said anything to confirm, lol.
      So, take it for what it’s worth, nothing but entertaining speculation.
      Even if 100% true, the likelyhood of trades even happening is small, at best.

  2. Lee for Sheppard once Sheppard is back from injury.

    Both struggling high picks from past drafts. Both are picks from prior GMs.

    • My source indicates both GM’s are trying to work a hockey trade to improve their clubs, not make a convenience swap…but, again, what do I know, and anything could happen, or nothing.

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