Chatter/Rumour – Sens Close to Dealing?

That’s the latest talk, with scouts and execs. staking out Columbus of late.

Chatter has it the Sens are evaluating Hejda, FWIW (nothing).

Rumour has it as Hejda for Lee and Campoli, with Lee being the sticking point…



4 Responses to “Chatter/Rumour – Sens Close to Dealing?”

  1. I guess they would be thinking
    I’m down with that. Even if they let him walk next year to be replaced by Cowan. And if Hale is replaced by Weir. or Runb. or Gyrba that would be nice.
    I understand why Lee is the sticking point. It would be good to get him off the books but I still think he could be good if given substantial ice-time elsewhere. But he’s not in the running with the current Sens prospects.

  2. why would you trade a productive player (campoli) for a marginal at best defenseman ?? (even if the other team is taking Lee) ?

  3. Chris i(Brampton) Says:

    I can’t see them trading two young guys who were high draft picks for an older defenceman drafted in the fourth round (even if one of those picks is Brian Lee). More likely Kuba going the other way since Columbus may want some more production from the back end. Now if they threw in Filatov with Hejda for Kuba and Foligno (900m savings for the Sens), that would be a work of art.

  4. It would take more than Kuba & Foligno for Filatov & Hejda. They may have to throw in a prospect or pick. (Maybe then you could get Columbus to take Lee.

    We will see if anything comes out of this.

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