A Season On The Line?


With 21 games in the books, the Sens have not been having the kind of season required to see post season play.

Yes, the road losses were understandable, but the standings remain what they are, and continuing to lose, no matter the cause, will result in a failure of a season.

Make no mistake, missing the post season is failure.

So the question is; Is this team good enough to make the post season, or are the first 21, tragedy or no tragedy, a solid indication of what is to come over the remaining 61 games?

Judging by the absolute lack of crispness to the Sens of late, and early in the season, only a fool would bet against the momentum, and right now, with the exception of a good 8 game streak, the Sens are decidedly a non play-off team.

With 61 games remaining, there remains plenty of time for a good team to turn it around, but if you’re not a good team, the number of games left is irrelevant.

Tonight’s performance wasn’t even close to enough to make one believe the Sens have what it takes to turn this around.

It kills me to say it, but right now the Sens are playing with their season on the line, and it ain’t lookin’ good.

Go ahead, prove me wrong, I’ll gladly suffer the indignity of over-reacting vs. suffering the indignity of watching another 61 games of poor play.



5 Responses to “A Season On The Line?”

  1. You wrote the exact same BS article 1/4 of the way into last season when they were slumping too. Don’t know how good of a fan you are when you can’t even remember the sens consistently suck in November. December will turn it around and they’ll be back in contention for the NE come the new year.

    • Yeah AJ, I do this for the fame and fortune, not because I give a rats ass about the team…
      Hey, .500 is .500, just keepin’ it real.
      I would have thought a superfan like you would have noticed the Sens were 6 pts better at this same point last season.
      Oh yeah, and as for “sucking in November”, Sens have gone 6-4 so far this Nov., went 7-3-2 in Nov. 09/10, 4-5-3 in 08/09, 7-5-2 in 07/08, 8-6-1 in 06/07, 11-1-0 in 05/06…all of those being much better than “sucking”.
      The only point you actually made was that you make things up.
      BTW, why even waste your time reading my “BS”, let alone commenting on it?
      I’ll gladly save you some time.
      Bye, bye AJ/Jim.

  2. Sens were playing pretty good during their win streak… the loss to Vancouver was not good however.
    Then the road trip combined with the tragedy really affected the team. They are human beings after all — so (other than the Boston game) — I’ll give them a mulligan on the other 3 — even though they were bad.

    The game last night was okay. A few lucky bounces and calls the Sens way – for a change. How many times were the Sens on the other side of those calls in the past.

    • Very true, all of it.
      It seemed they turned around after Neilers fight and Alfies hard work play to Mich. the 3rd was their best period of the game by far.

  3. Differing Opinion Says:

    Not sure the org would view missing the playoffs as “failure”, to be honest.

    They missed the playoffs a few years ago and all we heard was that the room was a mess, this team was still borderline elite and what have you.
    If they miss this year, nothing will change.

    Management is comfortable, the players are comfortable and well-loved, ho hum, see you at training camp guys.

    Sorry to be so cynical, but I haven’t heard a word out of Murray or Melnyk that has drawn a line in the sand for this team. Until I do…

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