Just Don’t Do It.

There is no telling why.

The reason, if any given, will no doubt lack sufficient weight to justify the outcome.

Those left behind will forever wonder “what if”?

The truth of the matter is a large number of young people contemplate suicide, and often make the decision to carry out the act without so much as a hint to anyone.

Those of us who have lived through adolescence can no doubt empathise with the stress, confusion and at times, self loathing, that comes with the times.

But suicide is a so very permanent solution, to a so very temporary problem.

As the new saying goes “it gets better”.

Whether a challenge with sexuality, social standing, economics or family, it gets better.

I had a friend who attempted suicide, in his teens, and he survived.
He remains alive today, but his struggles only intensified as a result of the attempt.

He is happy to be alive.


Because it gets better.

Please, if you are contemplating suicide, even if you don’t think you’ll do it, call this number.


There is no shame in struggling with life, we all do, every single one of us.

At one time or another we all need to be talked down, in one way or another.

There is no shame, or weakness in asking for help.

Just call.

If you were in a car accident, would you call for help?

Considering suicide is exactly the same, EXACTLY THE SAME.



3 Responses to “Just Don’t Do It.”

  1. Johnny_Spectacular Says:

    hear hear

    and thank you for putting up the Distress Centre’s – it is a truly wonderful organization that can help those in this type of need immensely. Hard to get too upset about the game tonight so far with the sad ordeal the Richardson family is going through.

  2. Wonderful, Mark.

    I will however like to add:

    I just ant to mark, that it is, sadly, not uncommon, that it those one that look popular that run into those, stupid, idea of suicide (I red that a few places).
    It is also not uncommon that these youngster was quite intelligent, in many other ways.

    I may self, was lucky enough to, to exit my school with trait A’s. I was also luckily not needed to work ever hard to reach those A’s. I has never thought about suicide, but I understand the pressure those young people put on there own shoulder.
    It is seldom the parent or the surrounding that put the pressure on them! Then add the jealousy from the surroundings and even the best friend. It is not that it is evil or anything like that. But be sure that it is felt anyway.
    It is even not about being afraid of not keeping up to you own standard, because you know you are good.
    You know that you have good an caring parents. There should really not be any problems…

    (I do not know if this could describe Daron)

    But how do you go to ask, teacher, parent, friends for help, when you can not even explain what troubles you?

    I am a father today, have children on 5 and 8. daycare and there profession tells me that my 5 years old boy is ready to start school. I know better! I know he will do very good in school etc. But he is not social ready. I have a daughter that A’s all, with almost no work. She learn to read with in 2 weeks (Which even I did not thought possibly), She is very popular and that is an understatement.
    I is in fact very worried about my daughter, having it too easy… About her being too special and the jealousy it will give, and sorry women tent to treat each other very bad when they are jealousy…

    So to you parent with, special children, which we all have. Keep in mind it is not uncommon that the children that seems to work fine, that caring the biggest and most hidden troubles. Be where of the hidden signs of extended stress, especially when you children reaches the teen.

    And should, dear God please no, this happen to you!
    You must understand these signs can be very difficult to see, and you are only human. Don’t walk around an blame yourself. You did you best in general, and that even that for sure is thing you could had doe other vise. Again you are humans and even the Gods make failures!
    Be said, you must be! Cry you must do (that includes the men), but not to long! You must continue your life. That for you and your remains. Live for your other children and friends.

    I have a motto now, well I have a few…
    Well I have a motto that says: Life is to short to go around being said and troubling you self. Be happy, see all your troubles as a challenges to overcome and put you sorry to bed.
    I believe that such mottoes takes away the tip of the iceberg, help you with all the challenges of life.

    Well what am I to know.

    Just do that! Tomorrow will for sure be better, if today is bad…
    Because with bad days comes good days. With said days comes happy ones.

  3. It is sad that the idea of “it takes a village to raise a child” became a tool and then victim of the US political machine, because it is true. I was a lot tougher than I felt when I was a kid, but I didn’t know that. It took me a long time to figure it out. I was blessed with many people outside my family, especially teachers, who made it a habit to keep an eye on the kids they taught. I know they helped a lot of kids, just by paying attention and checking in. You cannot save everyone, but everyone can do a little to help someone.

    Like posting the phone number of a great organization that helps people. Thanks for posting this.

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