That’s an important number to the Sens.

It represents the number of wins in a row they’re trying to string together, in reclaiming the 10/11 season after a terrible start.

Tonight will see them taking on the Thrashers in that effort, another team trying to lay claim to a post season berth come this spring.

These teams are tied in the standings, but unlike the Sens, the Thrash are on a 2 game losing skid, and will no doubt be looking to come out hard in an effort to lock down two much needed points.

Four also represents the all important goal differential that the slow start has hung around the teams neck.  Goal differential remains the leading indicator for team strength, and the Sens need to turn this stat around, asap.

Four is the number of games Michalek missed while suffering a bout of tendonitis on his repaired knee,  Mich will make his return tonight.

Four is the number of top 6 wingers the Sens need, but five is the number they have.  With Smith being sent back to bingo to accommodate for the return of Mich, somebody has to replace his fourth line role.  Seems it’s going to be ‘The Chin”.  Let the healthy competition begin between he and Regin, who will remain in the top six mix.

Lastly, four is the number worn by Chris Phillips, a major cog in the wheel in both winning, and improving the goal differential.

Phillips has been improving, but he has to get back into form if this team has any long term hopes for the 10/11 season.



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