It might have taken three attempts but the Sens finally score a win over division rival Canadiens, and in so doing, vault into a top eight position.

The Sens dominated the tired Habs through-out most of the match, and if not for the stellar play of Price, would have won by a much wider margin than only one goal.

But that’s not to say the Sens didn’t get some good goaltending from Brian Elliott, a player who has gone from making a case for being the starter, to legitimately owning the title. You may not be able to lose a position to injury, but you can lose it to solid play, and that is the case in choosing between Elliott and Pascal.

It was also good to see another solid performance from Kovalev, a much maligned player who has looked stronger and stronger with each game. Whether it’s the fact he’s in a contract year or just renewed confidence in his repaired knee, the results speak for themselves, with Kovy being an impact player for the last few games.

Add to this the strong play of Spezza, and the growing chemistry among the defensive pairings, and you have a recipe for a team playing vastly improved hockey.

Hopefully the play will only get stronger with the impending return of both Kuba and Michalek, allowing the Sens to leave their slow start well in the past.



3 Responses to “Ole!”

  1. very nice win yesterday..
    the point I want to make is that the Sens are not capable of winning without very good goaltending. So it is great Elliot is playing well. Scary if either sens goalie (pascal or brian) cannot be good enough for such a system.
    The game yesterday in my mind could have gone eitherway. But both opposing goalies played well enough for the skaters to decide the game.

  2. Spezza with Kovalev works!?

    Who Knew?

    • We has known from last year that Spezza – Regin worked very well
      We has known from last year that Regin and Kovalev worked quite well
      That with who ever Clouston decided to put with them, so why is that a surprise?

      I am sure that Regin will get hot as well, then the line Regin – Spezza – Kovalev can end up being really dangerous.

      But I do not see any real surprises.
      Foligno-Shannon fit quite good together, so hopefully that will help Foligno as well. Even Foligno – Regin – Kovale or Regin – Spezza – Foligno would be better for Foligno, but for the team I will go with the Regin – Spezza – Kovalev.

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