Islanders = Confidence Boost

Seriously, how can we play the Islanders more often?

In one fell swoop, the Sens went from having shaky confidence, to being too confident, as was displayed by the two break-aways on the Sens last PP.

Thanks to Elliott, and only Elliott, the Sens got to finish the game with their confidence intact.

Because it was the Islanders I don’t want to make too much of this win, but confidence doesn’t discriminate, and as such, a win is a win, when contributing to team confidence.

The Sens are going to need the added confidence over the next stretch of games if they hope to keep the winning streak going. Up next are the Canadiens, a team that played a large role in the Sens early season woes.

A win over Montreal would be a major step in solidifying this teams mojo going into tough matches against Vancouver, Philadelphia and Boston.

Can Spezza continue his solid play, including time on the PK?

Can Elliott remain the front runner in locking down the #1 job?

Can the return of Michalek take the pressure off of struggling Regin and Foligno, adding even more scoring punch?

Lets hope so.

Last night was a great game to watch, as a Sens fan, and surely added to the Sens confidence, but was it enough to see them through the next 5 games?

I for one predict 8 ponts over the next 5 games.

On another note, there’s some heavy chatter about Bobby Butler having been tagged to make his 10/11 NHL debut in Montreal.


p.s. Here’s my newest b/r/ article. Ottawa Senators Hit Reset Button With Win Over Islanders


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