Here’s An Easy Win, Anybody Want It?

For Clouston, it’s a simple game plan tonight;

  1. Run over goaltender.
  2. Shoot puck into empty net.

Seems all the rage when facing the Panthers, not to mention fair game.  Then again, may be it has more to do with the team doing the running, then the team getting run.

But I digress.

Tonight will be a match between 2 teams still looking for the kind of results they were expecting when the puck dropped on the regular season.

Ottawa, a supposed post-season contending team, has been looking more like a group of stampeding caribou, running willy nilly in hopes of avoiding the bite of the opposition.

The Panthers on the other hand, have been even worse, the loss to the Leafs not-withstanding.  Everyone knew this would be a rebuilding season (again), but the woeful start is even worse than predicted.

So tonight we have the team that can’t win facing the team that can’t help losing. 

 How’s that for a gripping story line, lol!

This is a game I expect the Sens to win, no excuses, even without a top defenseman and centre.

If this team has any hope in turning this season around sooner rather then later, they have to begin stringing some wins together and gaining some confidence before facing more difficult opponents.

A loss tonight would be devastating, make no mistake, and not just in the standings, but to the already fragile psyche of this already panicky squad.

The lone bright news in this early season is the struggling play of some other E.C. post-season contenders, namely the Sabres and Jersey. 

Thanks to other slow starts the post season remains in sight, but somebody has to, is going to, seize the opportunity, but who?


p.s. Here’s the link to my b/r/ story; Ottawa Senators Tripping Over the Fine Line Between Victory and Defeat


2 Responses to “Here’s An Easy Win, Anybody Want It?”

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