Happy Camp’ers

Although, to date, this has been a disappointing season, it would be unfair to ignore the achievements of some.

Now I know, in a team game, it is in bad taste to laud any individual when their team is mired in questionable play, but we trip over ourselves to do it when the team wins, so, fair is fair, IMO.

First and foremost is the goaltending.

O.k., it may not have been stellar, but it has been a far, far cry from the pre-season play that had us all wringing our hands come the start of the regular season.

Both Leclaire, and Elliott, have provided their teams with quality games, most of which the skaters in front of them squandered into lost opportunities.

The statistics may not extol this fact, but reality does.

This is not to say there have not been shaky moments, but there always are when you’re the lone man back, and on the whole, the goaltending has been well above competent.

Next on the list is poor Chris Campoli, poster boy for Murray bashers (coming at the cost of a 1st round pick) and Volchenkov admirers.

It would be fair to say that, last season, Chris was ineffectual, at best.

Brought in to provide more offense from the back-end, with a combination of smooth skating and an effective shot from the point, Camps struggled through-out last season and often found himself a healthy scratch due to the teams depth on the blueline.

But this season, due to the injury to Kuba, and the poor play of most other blueliners around him, Camps was given the ice time to improve his game.

With an ATOI of over 20 minutes a game, the highest in his career, and a new found partner in Carkner, Chris looks more comfortable on the ice then ever, and has provided his team with solid defensive performances.

If, upon the return of Kuba, Spezza and Leclaire, this team can stabilized, and get back to winning ways, then this difficult start may result in a deeper roster of fire tested players, led by the goaltenders, and Chris Campoli.



p.s. Here’s the link to my newest b/r article. Kovalev: Get On My Back boys, I’m Well Rested, And ready To Go.


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