Ottawa Senators: Puppy Haters!

First there was Michael Vick.

Now it’s the Ottawa Senators.

No doubt, poor little puppies through-out the Ottawa region were cowering under whatever cover they could find.

Because that game made me, and likely all Sens fans, mad enough to, well, you know.

That was an absolute disgrace, to the uniform, the fans, and to themselves.

From the high of a good game, to the low of another worthless performance, all within 24 hrs.

Bobbled pucks, missed checks, blind give-aways, and general panic, and that was during the pre-game skate.

The game was even worse.

Elliott gets a pass, but the rest of them…something has to be done, and fast.

But honestly, what to do?

Demote Karlsson?

Surely he deserves it, and probably needs it.

But then who plays his minutes, Lee?

Demote/bench Kovalev?

Then what, call up an AHL’er?

Bag skate them again?

Kick a dead horse while you’re at it.

Make a trade for the sake of making a trade?

Yeah, ’cause managerial panic always smooths the waters.

Nope, for good or bad, the answer has to lie within the dressing room.

It’s not in the hands, or hearts, it’s in the heads.

I’m just beginning to fear it won’t be found soon enough to matter.



8 Responses to “Ottawa Senators: Puppy Haters!”

  1. is cito managing this team?

    put Lehner in and see how the team plays for a full 60. they played their best 30mins of the year in the back half of the game against pittsburgh (in which Lehner played.)

  2. Here’s a crazy one. I’m completely ok with being a bad team this year. As a Sens and a hockey fan, I can accept that we won’t be the best every night and we won’t be the best every year. Furthermore, I can accept that we will sometimes be the worst. As long as we’re not the worst for many nights in a row or many years in a row. I’ll always be a Sens fan because I’m passionate about my team.

  3. C#
    AMEN to that.
    This team has been ‘falling’ since the days of Muckler. NOT because of Murray BUT because of Muckler. He left Murray no good prospects to fill in the void of expiring contracts. Stupid moves like trading Hossa for dirtbag Heatley. Trading Havlet for NOTHING. Keeping Redden over Chara. So essential now that Heatley quit on the team there is NOTHING left from the Hossa trade or the Havlet trade. Chara is thriving in Boston.
    Good teams are built through the drafts and proper development of your prospects.
    For 5-6 yrs of Muckler that was NOT done. He didn’t draft well and kept giving away Sens good prospects.
    That didn’t affect the team when he had it.. BUT it does now. What Sens are going through now is a result of Muckler’s bad management.
    As a GM you also have to build a FUTURE for your team. Murray has done that with good drafting the last 3 yrs.. but it will be another 2 yrs or so before these young men are fully NHL ready.
    These lack of prospects from the Muckler era has forced Murray to find players he wants through free agency or trades. It would have been better if the prospects had of been there.
    Any GM that came into the Sens organization after Muckler would be going through the same thing Murray is today.
    Sens are 4 pts behind Mtl & Tor for 1st in the division. Maybe getting into a game every other night.. getting back Spezza & Kuba will help get them back on track.

  4. I can’t wait for Murray to be gone, he’s had his chance to do something with this team and has failed.

    If we miss the playoffs, I’d just as soon finish last and get a lottery pick

  5. ANY GM coming in after Muckler would have gone through the same thing as Murray.
    Muckler left this team in a mess which is affecting the Sens now.
    Muckler’s draft picks & prospects would now be NHL ready to play.. but guess what THEY WERE NONE. (other than Foligno & Regin — who thank heavens were not in Bingo at the time Muckler was here as they would probably be gone too)
    Without cheaper prospects Murray has had to go trade route or free agency to fill the holes on this team. Kovalev & Leclaire have not really fared too well.. BUT if there were prospects to take their places instead, they would probably not even be here.
    As for Gonchar — he was very good in Pitts last season. There is no reason to believe he would be any different this year. I don’t think he forgot to play hockey over the summer.

    Murray has developed the future. I say give him a chance the next 2 yrs while his young players in Bingo & US college get to the NHL. Sens have a bright future thanks to Murray.

    Melnyk saw what Muckler did with the prospects. Yes he took the Sens to the SCF — BUT on the backs of 3 players & a pretty good goalie, but there was no depth as they discovered in the final and they lost.
    Muckler was fired due to the mess he made of the prospect system, not because of going to SCF.

  6. The Dutch Treat Says:

    Sandy’s last name must be Murray…

    Last I checked, Muckler had NOTHING to do with trading signed players and valuable draft picks for players you had NO intention of signing.

    Muckler had NOTHING to do with signing a old Russian notorious for taking nights, if not WEEKS off driving fans mad with is instability.

    Muckler had nothing to do with three offseasons of mediocre, non-impact signings.

    Muckler had NOTHING to do with taking a defense that had some grit and sandpaper and converting it to one that is so soft that high school girls teams could push them around.

    I am sick of people pointing to Murray’s drafting like it’s some sure thing that everyone he drafted will turn into Alfredssons.

    The future may be “bright” but the present looks bleak as all f#ck and that is on BRYAN “NO STANLEY CUPS” Murray. There is a solid, absolute reason why the GM immediately following him usually wins a Stanley Cup (Burke and Holland).

    This game has passed Murray. Please retire and let a young GM with an understanding of cap and performance take over.

  7. Dutch Treat

    By the way my last name is NOT Murray… I’m just reasoning out what has happened to this team.. and it did start several years ago PRIOR to Murray. Yes the Sens went to the SCF on the back of 3 players + a pretty good goalie, but no real depth and NO FUTURE. It was destined to fail.

    Murray HAD to do those free agent signings as there were NO prospects in Bingo that were ready for the NHL to fill in the roster spots, because Muckler did not leave anything. Murray has traded “picks ” BUT they were mostly from ones received in trades.

    Kaigarodov (sp) — trading Brooks Laich for Peter Bondra — Rob Ray — Oleg Sapricken (sp), Gerber. Taking Brian Lee when you could have taken Marc Staal? Some of Muckler’s handy work… that Havlat trade — how did that work out for the Sens?

    Murray is not perfect by any means what GM is?

    Burke & Holland won cups after taking over teams YES — BUT they had resources to draw on in the name of PROSPECTS that had been properly looked after by their predecessors. By the way Burke gave Murray a lot of credit for building the Anaheim team that won the Cup.

    I realize it is hard to know how prospects will fare out.. BUT the Sens have some good potential ones.

    You are obviously a Murray hater… but if you will put your hate aside and realize that developing a system for the FUTURE is part of a GM’s job. Murray has done that… MUCKLER did not.. THAT is why the Sens are in the spot they are now.

    Even if the great Burkie had come to this organization after Muckler — he would be facing the same problem.

    Take a 5 – 6 years of questionable drafting and trading away any good prospects a team has — and you don’t think that would affect the future of ANY team? Think again.

    You say the game is passing Murray by? — How old was Muckler close to 80? I don’t think Murray is close to that age is he?

  8. I could never understand how one can hate such cure poppies.

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