The Making of a Legend – Daniel Alfredsson

In a sport rife with hyperbole, to call a moment special, a player iconic, or a number a legend is almost common place.

Daniel Alfredsson has created, or is, all of those things, except the common place.

To tally his 1000th point, while scoring his 8th career hat trick, in a near “must win” game, is just Alfie being Alfie.

To try to encapsulate what Daniel Alfredsson means to Sens fans, in words, is simply impossible.  To truly know this, you must be a Sens fan.  Others can appreciate his all star combination of leadership, two way play, and offensive prowess, but only a Sens fan can attach to all of these attributes the special moments they have created.

To us Sens fans, Alfie is not simply an impressive set of stats, or highlight reel plays, but rather a representation of the team we love.

Daniel Alfredsson is the Ottawa Senators.

We often hear the term “good in the community” attached to players, and certainly well deserved, and chief among them is #11, a tireless contributor not only to his Ottawa community, but also to his Swedish home town.

As great as Alfredsson leads and performs on the ice, he does as much or more for society at large.

I had the opportunity to celebrate Alfie’s 1000th game, and look forward to celebrating his 1000th point, but greatest of all, by far, has been the honour and privilege of watching him develop from his Calder winning season to the amazing player he is today.

You continue to amaze and humble me Mr. Alfredsson.

Alfie, Alfie, Alfie.



8 Responses to “The Making of a Legend – Daniel Alfredsson”

  1. You have captured it perfectly.

  2. I consider myself fortunate to have been around as the best Senators (modern era) captain established himself on our team. He will be someone who is remembered and has created the mold for any other Senators captain to aspire to.

  3. Absolutely, and I’d say he’s an example for every future NHL captain, not just for the Senators.

  4. Alfie’s mental health campaign has touched someone in my life.

    I can no longer imagine the sens playing without him.

  5. He truly is the Sens. Great effort tonight.
    1,000 pts in 1,009 games — almost a point a game throughout his career.
    Gives his all.

    I’m going to the game tonight. The Sens fans will show their pride. Let’s hope those Hab fans show some class.. but I doubt it.

    Nothing else to be said



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