Hot From The Rumour Mill

Just a RUMOUR, you know the drill…

It should come as no surprise that the rumours are flying fast and furious right now.

Murray has made it clear he is a dealing mood, and has clearly targeted Brian Lee as the man he most wants to move.

It should also come as no surprise that, as a native of Minnesota, one of the few teams possibly interested in Lee would be the Wild, who are having standings issues of their own.

But, as is always the case when it comes to the trade environment these days, money is the key, more especially when you’re talking about a deal between teams hard up against the salary cap.

I know for a fact that Ottawa has expressed interest in young Dman Cam Barker in the past but, at a salary hit of 3.083M/yr, the Sens would have to ship salary back, and a lot more than just Lee and his paltry 0.875/yr.

To me, this just ain’t gonna happen, especially considering Barker is more of an offensive guy, while Murray is hoping to land a player capable of filling a more defensive role.

Add to this the imminent return of Kuba, and it seems all the more improbable that Murray wants a player of Barkers ilk, salary issue or no salary issue.

The other issue is Kovalev. He’s been apathetic, at best. Now, I try not to get on this guy too hard, he’s one of those players who can make something happen even while looking like he’s sleep walking, unfortunately this time I think he actually is sleep walking.

Enter the “blow your mind” rumour that passed by me just a few minutes ago.

Kovalev for Havlat.

Yup, you read right.

It seems Minnie, having soured on Havlat, wants to divest itself from the long term deal they signed him to in 2009, and are entertaining the idea that Kovy, reunited with Latendresse, can become as good as Havlat, with far less of a long term commitment, for equal dollars.

Here’s what I was given, by someone in the league, western based, not Minnie, who claimed this was VERY real;

Kovalev, Lee


Havlat, Stoner

I’m not saying this is a done deal, but the source is solid, and the deal has the makings of meeting both teams needs.

Judge for yourselves.



23 Responses to “Hot From The Rumour Mill”

  1. If that is a “rumour” it is 100% fabricated with not a shred of insider information and was probably birthed over pints at a sportsbar
    Here’s why
    1. Kovalev: Don’t even start on this stuff. I don’t know why people expect him to have any trade value. We, by in large, hate him on ice just as much as his five million footprint. He doesn’t contribute point wise and doesn’t do a whole heck of a lot on the ice thus far. Even if he were to still do the magical little Kovalev things, he is not anywhere close to worth five million. and even at a singular million I would consider him over payed
    2. Lee: Lee will probably end up being the corner stone of any actual realistic trade that passes by BM’s inbox. But let me ask you a question. Do you like Lee? Do you think his one way contract is worthy of his on ice academics? Would you even have this guy in the league or busting buses in the AHL? Don’t get me wrong he isn’t the worst player to put on skates but he is hardly anything to talk about. Lee in the pot will only need to be sweeter.
    3. So you have lee as a foundation to the trade so how will we sweeten this pot. Kovalev! But to refer to #1 Kovalev is neither a pot sweetning player or even one any team with half a mind would want on their roster. So currently you have an undersirable first rounder that never lit it up and a rickety old man that costs a fortune. Okay, as a Wild Brass member I am interested, or holding my sides.
    4. Havlat: Might be noticing a trend, picking apart the players involved in this supposed rumoured trade. Havlat is not cheap but he produces, has a great hockey sense. Really good offensive player with some two way responsability thrown in. Is he top tier in the league, probably not, but he is definitely way more skilled them much of our forward depth chart.
    5. So you want to trade Kovalev and Lee, two useless castoffs with a big cap space allotment for Havlat? Are you bonkers? How could you expect a General Manager to greenlight this kind of laughable mess and expect to have a job by lunch break?
    6. But wait, there’s more. Not only do you embarass yourself by posing as some insider with information holding up something even an EANHL GM wouldn’t okay but you have the fortitude to even go a step further and add Stoner to the mix. It’s like christmas morning
    7. What a return. Who would have thought that at the low low cost of the team’s top two grippes and groans could net you a T3 scoring forward and a 4-5 more stay at home defenseman. Ever hear “too good to be true”? Well this would be the case. We can’t just swap two players we hate completely for large glaring reasons for two good players that perfectly fit the needs.

    8. “Enter the “blow your mind” rumour that passed by me just a few minutes ago.”
    Again I ask, are you sure this “rumour” actually “passed you by” from someone that would actually have any insight on the situation from an inside point of view?
    Are you really really sure? Positive it wasn’t some half drunk buddy at the bar?
    If you are that sure, never ever ever listen to that insider again. He is leading you barking up the wrong tree or just told you this to get you to post it on your blog so he can laugh at you from space.

    Don’t embarass yourself. Between your good posts on this blog you tear down any credibility you have by not just posting shit like Kovalev and Lee for Havlat and Stoner but trying to actually and veritably frame it as an actual true blue “hockey rumour”.
    There are, as I see it, exactly two players that may come back our way if kovalev departs via trade: Souray and Redden

    • Normally, when a person feels something lacks in credibility, but has no impact on their lives said person just laughs.
      You post a 3000 word manifesto.

    • Well, I enjoy the rumors – anyone who doesn’t can go frack themselves.

      I don’t want Havlat back – he’s gone downhill every year – too many injuries and not enough goals.

    • Fanedits – There is no way in hell I would want that Havlat contract. It is HORRIBLE. The best thing about the Kovy contract is that it is EXPIRING. Blowing our cap space on a player like Havalt for the next 5 years is not the course of action that will move the Sens into contender status. If Murray is smart he will make a small move to spark the team to squeak into the playoffs. Then bring in 2 or 3 really good players on his terms. If this team can turn it around we get the added bonus of a high draft pick.

      The really great years are still ahead Sens fans. Let’s not blow it with a short term fix!

  2. Wow Fanedits, that was a little harsh, I mean Sensay did the usual disclaimers and is aware that as a rumour it is probably not going to happen. Also, there was a justification offered as to why Minny would WANT to et go of Havlat, even for Kovalev. The attraction, if I read the claim correctly is not Kovy’s on-ice addition, it is the fact that he is entirely off the books next year. Cap space is the MVP here. Nonetheless, you’re probably right that it is a no go and your response led to another interesting question: would you trade Kovy for Souray right now?


    • Look at Havlat’s health record, and his stats, and tell me you wouldn’t rather one year of Kovy, and his poor points totals, relative to his salary, for 5 years of Havlat’s poor points totals, relative to his salary.
      Is this a done deal?
      I said no.
      Is it an old and busted for young and dynamic, as was presented by “fanedits”.
      Absolutely not.
      I think “fanedits” is wayyy under estimating the impact of owning 5 years of salary, for a relative non performer, while greatly over emphasizing the on ice difference between Kovalev and Havlat.
      he should spend more time looking at the stats and less time writing knee jerk opinions.
      But hey, to each there own.

  3. Kovalev does clear off the books next year but it really handcuffs the team that owns his contract for that year

    and yes, after my rough and tough analysis of this trade situation
    because I do feel that a trade is in the works
    I did present the question
    Kovalev for Souray?

    for the record I see a deadline deal of Lee+Kelly (Kelly doing really really well and being very desirable) for something being what pans out
    Campoli if putting up numbers could also apply
    Beyond that, I see virtually all our prospects as untouchable for right now, so looking at our roster, Kelly, Neil, Ruutu, Campoli all have some value
    but as they are all role players (good ones mind you) that is usually reserved for deadline deals when teams really assess what their needs and excesses are going forward

    Right now, I don’t see many teams helping us out

    • I guess the big difference is that I don’t see the sens taking on an extra 4 years of salary commitment as letting another team ‘help us out”

      • Good point on Havlat’s downswing of production
        But in a sense I see that as another nail in the coffin
        Swapping terms of a large contract for players on their final stretch makes some sense
        But we as a team are kind of limited in cap space assuming Kovalev comes off this year
        We need a goalie desperately and I see BM ensuring that room is available going off season to make something happen
        I don’t know how good the free agent pool will be this season but we could probably get similar to Havlat in skill without the need for his current terms

        By the way I appreciate the intellectual and in depth analysis that you and others do on this site. It beats the crud out of the mindless wargarballing on senchirp

        I think we are essentially stuck with Kovalev
        It was, probably mostly in hindsight, a mistake on BM’s part
        and I don’t see him compounding that error by swinging him for Havlat
        I do see some players on the Wild’s charts that could do quite nicely
        and conversly I see no spot whatsoever for Kovalev on a team that is looking like it could make an impact this year
        Lee I see a team taking just due to age and some vague potential as a fringe guy
        low risk low reward kind of thing
        Kovalev is a really high risk with very little reward

      • Exactly. With teams like the Devils, Hawks and Flyers in real cap trouble we can work a deal that will bring in some really good foundation type players. Check out Capgeek and you will understand what is gonna happen when Parise, Carter, Giroux, Seabrook, etc. contracts have to be renewed.

  4. I don’t Know.

    Forwards is not the problem for the team. I am sorry.
    Defense is really bad right now.

    I didn’t saw the Pittsburgh game, but I notes in some of the other game.
    It may look like missing effort from some forward.
    But it is not that simple!

    I see many times, that one or two forward making a rush up, then the defense make a really good pass, to the opposition.
    Now the forward that was on the rush, has to rush home to help defense men like Lee, Karlsson, Gonshar or Phillips.
    This means that forward at some time run out of steam.
    That where I see the biggest different of the Washington game and the some of the other. There was not that many deadly giveaways.
    From some games I saw Gonshar shoot directly into defense and the have the opposition on a rush for a goal.
    It is right, play it simple, but not by shut the puck to opposition defense.

    It is easy to complain about Foligno, Kovalev, Regin etc not scoring, but good offense start at proper defense.

    The team needs to stabilize the defense and mainly play from defense to offense. I think that Karlsson has been bad but I also think that Gonchar has been bad.
    Ottawas goalkeeper is good enough for that kind of defensive play.

  5. Kovalev for Sheldon Souray .. straight up
    what do you think ??

    • Not really to my liking as Souray represents another offensive Dman. If it included a 2nd rnd pick, then sure, what the hell.
      I have no doubt Wick or Butler could match Kovy’s numbers, should Kovy continue to play at such an abysmal pace.

  6. I would love to have Marty back.
    In 2008-09 he played in 81 games
    In 2009-10 he played in 73 games.

    So not that bad the last 2 years. This guy can outright ‘fly’.

    I know he has a 5M contract for next 5 years.. but within a year or two — the Sens will be a lot younger with the prospects that will be coming to the NHL. Their contracts will be cheaper so the cap hit may not be that bad after all.

    He has played with Spezza in the past with some good chemistry. He is also friends and has played with Michalek (on the Czech national team). I know Sens need better defense right now.. but Kuba will be back in the next 2 weeks. The thing is can he stay healthy.
    Kuba & Karlsson do have some good chemistry.. then Carkner & Campoli with Phillips & Gonchar the other pairing.

    I agree the Sens need a new goalie. You don’t want to push Lehner too soon.. but I would like to see him play the game in Buffalo. I just don’t have the confidence in either Elliot or Leclaire right now. Sure they have played reasonably well.. but when ‘push comes to shove’ they can’t come up with that big save at a key time. That is the problem.

    Do Sens try Volkun or Brzygalov (sp?) next summer as a stop gap — with either Elliot or Mike Brodeur as backup?

  7. Havlat’s deal actually only has 4 years left and that includes this year. Considering Kovalev hasn’t been very productive thus far the Sens would be taking on a high risk/high reward 3 year contract for a player we already know to have chemistry on this team. Minny will only do this if they actually want out of the contract. It’s a dump plain and simple.

  8. @Sandy,

    When is the ‘right’ time to make a key save. That argument is bogus, and you know it. If Leclaire makes 32 saves, as he has done, was the key stop the 1st goal, or the 5th goal? Really? There is no time for the ‘key’ save. You need to save ’em all. It is never a ‘good’ time to let a goal.

    Question is this: Can you keep your team in it long enough for your team to take the lead? If the answer is ‘yes’, then you have your man. Work on other aspects, like…um, defense.

    I agree with Jan. EVERYTHING starts with defense. There is no need for unforced errors, although the good teams will make you make them. Whether it is forecheck pressure, or neutral zone trapping (which we used to be great at), if you have your head up, and some hockey IQ, you’ll see the openings. Trouble is, CAN THEY EXECUTE?

    So far, they haven’t been able to. I’ll blame the atmosphere in the blogosphere for some of this. The players in Ottawa know we expect nothing less than success every single game, and this pressure to succeed is getting to ’em. The media is not helping either.

    The players we have are all skilled guys. Right now, they are making mental mistakes, and this can be overcome.


  9. How about this;

    we ride out the season…trade off kovalev, kuba, leclaire (if we can) and ruutu…then extend phillips fro 4-5 years…

    That way we have close to 17 mil for resigning RFAs, signing a goalie and 2nd line center

  10. Kovalev’s, Leclaire’s & Ruutu’s contracts expire at the end of this season. Kovalev & Leclaire won’t be back. As for Ruutu — not sure. Personally I like him and he comes pretty cheap. He is a good checker & a big pain in the ass for the other team. He’s also a pretty good penalty killer.
    What’s wrong with the 2nd line centre Sens have now?
    What Sens need, is yes a goalie but a top 3 winger. That’s what they are lacking.

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