And Now, For a Very Special Episode of Sensay

Look, I’m as sick of this losing as anyone.

In fact, the final 2 periods of the Pens game still resides, unwatched, on my PVR.  I’ll get to it, eventually.

It was a very rare thing for me to not finish a game, whether it is going well or not.  But you see, this has been an unusual week for me.

Several months ago, my step father passed away.  For the past 2 weeks I’ve been working at sorting through the last of his remaining possessions.  What constantly struck me was the number of things kept “for a later date”.

Unfinished projects, un-used tools, things still shiny new in their wrappers.

So yeah, the Sens losing streak is pissing me off, but unlike in times past, it seems less all-encompassing.  Instead, I looked to the game more as a source of entertainment, and when the entertainment stopped, so did I.

And maybe there’s a lesson in this for the Sens, too.

Have some fun out there.  Don’t worry about the pressure.  Listen to the coach, follow the game plan, and trust it’s all going to come together.

Don’t waste the day worrying about what was, it’s over, good or bad.  Hit the ice, play the game, and just let it happen.


ps – Here’s the link to my latest b/r article.
Ottawa Senators: In a Bid For Change, Murray Says Hale Yeah!


2 Responses to “And Now, For a Very Special Episode of Sensay”

  1. Well, you can be glad you missed it. Probably the low point of the thing was in the post-game. Cory Clouston’s refusal to ‘man up’ and take responsibility for yet another too-many-men penalty was enough to raise my bile.

    Instead, young defender Lee gets the goat horns. Yes, he was at fault on the play. A play that wouldn’t have been an issue if not for his coach’s bumbling. How much ‘team building’ at work there, coach?

    The sooner he is replaced by a coach who is not a weasel, the happier I’ll be.

  2. Keep Coach Clouston but I’d let Phillips change the DEFENCEMEN and I’d have Gonchar run the Power Play….everyone else shuts up on the bench and Alfie takes the 10K fine for just unloading on the Junior Ref…I know he’s ready to explode!!

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