19 shots says otherwise.

That was a pathetic display, by a team sorely lacking in any sense of concern for their dwindling opportunities.

There’s nothing to really say about a game composed largely of apathetic defensive coverage, panicked give-aways, and wing and a prayer passes through a crowded neutral zone.

Attempting to point out any individual player for praise is a futile exercise when, at best, they could be heralded for being less terrible than their team-mate.

This is slipping beyond a bad start and into fundamental flaws territory.

Spezza killing penalties in a tied game, sure, why not.

Neil and Regin on the PP, instead of Mich and Kovy, what the hell, give it a whirl, nothing to lose, right?

A 5 million dollar PP QB, heck, play him on his off side, gotta keep the rookie comfortable.

I should stop writing, before I actually get mad.



5 Responses to “Desperate?”

  1. Yikes. Will we see a player revolt ? There is something strange going on with this team. Will BM be able to bring in yet another coach? I can’t see it.

    The team looks horrible – really really bad. I have no clue what is required to fix it. Personnel or coaching or GMing ?

  2. We need some grit on the back end again. Letting Volch walk away was alright, because we all saw that he was chasing the money. However, Sutton was an affordable option, and really kept people off Karlsson’s ass last year. We needed him to stick around. Who’s the most imposing D-man we have back there now… Carkner? Phillips? Then who…? Even when Kuba comes back, that guy’s a 6’4″ marshmallow.

    Kovalev should sit against the Penguins, as far as I’m concerned. I’ve watched him play games where he seems disinterested, but this was ridiculous. If he can’t even get up for a game against the Habs anymore, then why exactly are we paying him $5M a year? Put Bobby Butler in instead.

    As for the PP… Karlsson should be on the second unit… have Gonchar on the right side, with Alfie on the left. Then throw Special K out there with Lee or Campoli for the second unit.

    I don’t know exactly what they need to do, but they need to do SOMETHING!

    This is a terrible start to the season… I feel like a damned Leaf fan these days. I’m not saying the sky is falling, but c’mon boys… SKATE!

  3. Do they ‘can’ the new playing system — and go back to the way they played last year?
    I heard yesterday that Kovy stated he could play better if he had better linemates. How many chances do you give this guy?
    For whatever reason the players are not executing. The Wash game was a game they played hard in. You know they can do it… so why not just do it. This inconsistency is getting very frustrating to watch.
    It’s time for the players to wake up and get their asses moving.

  4. I noticed Spezza killing penalties and also am surprized with gonchar asked to “adjust” for no good reason. Also not bringing in coach to work on the power play .
    BM is not dumm ..hope he’s paying lots of attention ..

  5. at the game yesterday, he put spezza on the pk for a little while and it was only to win that faceoff, that no one else seems to be winning on the team…
    foligno takes the draws over fisher in some instances 5on5.

    anyways spezza lost the draw and couldn’t get off until we cleared the zone.

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