Nick of Fine

Foligno finds himself $2500 lighter in the wallet thanks to another mind boggling league decision.
Wow, didn’t see that one coming, lol!
There goes the “Chocolate Fountain” Janelle was hoping for, guess it’ll have to be Hershey Kiss loot bags instead.
Damn that Colin Campbell, damn him all to hell!
Come on guys, that was a hockey hit, delivered to separate the player from the puck, not his head, I say give the kid a pat on the back for doing it right, not a fine in hopes of looking like the protectors of the league.
But honestly, who am I kidding, there’s a better chance of the leafs making the finals than Colin making the grade.
p.s. here’s the link to another unique b/r article, hope you like this one Nik! Ottawa Senators: Of Pop stars & Strippers


6 Responses to “Nick of Fine”

  1. Better, much better!

  2. With all due respect – that is no longer a hockey play – that was from the blindside and the head was hit – that is now illegal – it was implemented to protect players from themselves (Thank you Mr. Avery) – the fine was lame because it said that protecting players from themselves is not be taken seriously – in that case why make the play illegal

    And please do not make the argument that making these plays illegal is taking hitting out of the game – head shots are not allowed in football – and it is still plenty violent – and so is hockey

    • “With all due respect”…is there another opening line that raises the hackles more than that?
      Kerry, I understand your point of view, and in the vast majority of circumstances completely agree. If you’re read my blog, you’ll know I’m not for players taking advantage of other players in vulnerable positions.
      And this, to me, is the crux of our differing opinion.
      I contend that the hit was a result of circumstance, Foligno defending from one angle, Dwyer attacking from another.
      They met at the bisection of their trejectories, and the puck.
      The fact Dwyer was unaware of Foligno’s presence was his fault. You NEVER engage the play when looking in the opposite direction, in open ice, NEVER.
      Now, I don’t want to imply that Dwyer, in making the error of looking away from the play, becomes fair game to be taken advantage of. To do so would be to promote “predatory” hits.
      But, you cannot simply extablish a rule that exists outside the intention and objective of the game. Namely, if you play the puck, you are open to contact.

      That is an imutable fact in my opinion.
      Even in a “boarding” situation, players with their backs turned to the play, but holding the puck, are fair game for hits, they just can’t be buried, but they can be physically engaged without drawing an interference penalty.
      This same standard needs to be applied to the “blind side” infraction in order for it to be legitimate/functional. And the league is now establishing that standard.
      In fact, the referees (who were terrible in that game, so this may not be saying much) chose to rule the hit legal.
      I contend that, due to the fact Dwyer was actively a part of the play, and purposely put himself in that position, he cannot be considered untouch-able.
      So, the next step in the process is determining what is legal contact, because no contact, to me, is an unacceptable standard.
      I believe that Foligno, in playing the puck (as was not done by Neil, Richards or Cook), not changing his trejectory to make the hit, and not burying Dwyer, made a hockey play, in a hockey game, against an opponant who chose to engage in that play by putting himself in a vulnerable position
      Don’t think for an instant that players don’t “check” themselves constantly while engaging in play, choosing to not put themselves in vulnerable positions.
      Like it or not, this was a play that required 2 players to engage the puck, not just one.

  3. Sure the NF hit was a “head” shot. Although with Foligno meeting the puck at the same time as Dwyer, and the hit is more Dwyer using his shoulder and head to run into Foligno, I find it ludicrous to believe a suspension was in order. A small, token fine was clearly appropriate.

  4. God forbid, the leafs making the final would be the last straw

    Every day they are ahead in the standings causes me to want to tear something apart with my teeth

    • I’m loving it. The more points they take from play-off contending teams, while the Sens struggle, the better.
      As far as I’m concerned, the Leafs are doing the Sens an enormous favour with 3 of their last 4 wins.
      Don’t forget, last season the Leafs went on a 7 game winning streak, and a 4 game winning streak…and still finished 29th over-all!
      Big picture kyle, big picture!

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