After having played their best game of the young season, Ottawa finally gets a win.

No thanks to injuries, or officiating.

After having made some solid stops, Pascal Leclaire left the game early in the first suffering from a lower body injury as a result of repeated collisions with net crashing opposition players, none of which drew so much as a sniff from the officials. Fortunately the Sens have a capable 1A, 1B tandam, allowing Brian Elliott to come in for the remainder of the game.

But the real story of the game was the play of Cam Ward, and the un-professional performance of the officials.

Ward, who faced 39 shots, many of the high quality variety, was simply spectacular and saved the ‘Canes from an embarrassing loss with his goaltending  heroics.

Then came the officiating.

What do you do when your “best” official, you know, the one who gave up the chief of officiating position, to show the refs how to do the job, sucks?

Nothing. You just shake your head in disbelief.

It was too bad the Sens had to have their first home victory tainted by the blatant un-professionalism of Van Massenhoven, but at least he didn’t cost them the much deserved win, despite his best efforts to do so, or so it seemed.


p.s. Here’s the link to my game review on b/r: Ottawa Senators: Sens Blow Away Winded Hurricanes


2 Responses to “Finally!”

  1. Crass commercialism…ya can’t hardy read your stuff for pop ups…and then the pitch…

    Good… little long, don’t report it…get an angle, create an edge!

    • yeah, I’m no fan off the ads…
      The length is more than my original, but I needed more in order for the format to allow the poll, so I added the blurb on Karlsson.
      I totally agree about the “reporting”, after I submitted the article I found it to be entirely “vanilla”. There are tonnes of “reports”, and I really don’t care to add to the mounting pile. Will try to be more original going forward.
      Thanks for the critique Nik.

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