Clouston Say’s: Don’t Look Behind the Curtain

Clouston said, after the 3-2 over-time loss;

“He (Leclaire) didn’t have to make a lot of good saves, but he made some saves for sure. But we need him to make that last one…It was very disappointing. To me, if you’re thinking of Ovechkin’s shot, he didn’t get all of it…There wasn’t a whole lot on it and I’m not sure how it ended up beating him five-hole.”

Funny, you’d think, after the team YOU COACH has only scored 4 times in 3 games, you’d mention that. But you didn’t.

You’d think, when the team YOU COACH has gone 0-15 on the PP, you’d mention that. But you didn’t.

You’d think, after the team YOU COACH has looked anemic and entirely disjointed in their execution, you’d mention that. But you didn’t.

Instead, you focused on the goaltender, the one player YOU DON’T COACH, and pinned the bame on him.

Look Clouston, we’ve all pulled for you, embraced your character, commitment to your job, and your professionalism but, when it comes to goaltending, shut the ef up, you’re talking out of your ass, and looking like one.

Suck it up Clouston, and instead of pointing the finger of blame at someone else, take some responsibility for your own failings in this seasons poor start.



23 Responses to “Clouston Say’s: Don’t Look Behind the Curtain”

  1. While I agree, as an educated hockey observer you probably know that coaches rarely accept blame- I dont think that clouston is bad with this relative to any other coach. If he was to target the powerplay he would have blamed it on excecution rather than greg carvel, who has done a terrible job.

  2. RIGHT ON ! – I was listening to the game on the internet last night and thought I was the only one who took objection to that part of his news conference. Leclaire stood on his head for most of the game by the sound of it and has been their best player through 3 games. It doesn’t give the guy much of a vote of confidence and, as you said, you can’t exepect him to win without “run” support.

    • That’s the real point, why single out one guy, when everyone has sucked. The fact Leclaire has been the best player so far only makes it all the more absurd.

  3. GN:

    Coach Clouston cannot whip the old guys or kick the young ones but he can change the goalie!! Ya don’t think he’s not feeling the heat…

  4. Bench the first three lines and clone ruutu/kelly/neil

  5. Lee Zamparo Says:

    It’s a shame, because Leclaire kept them in that game. Both Washington goals resulted from poor defensive zone coverage: the first both Z. Smith and B. Lee let the puck slide through them from the boards all the way across to an unmarked Semin, the second Eric Fehr stepped between 3 defenders to score from in tight. Not good enough defensively, not by a long shot. Yet Leclaire gets burned because one of the best shooters in the league beats him? Misplaced, big time.

    Also Canucnik: why can’t Clouston whip the old guys or kick the young ones? I was under the impression he could do both. But this is 3 games, no reason to get overly worried especially since the sens looked much better this time around.

    • It’s a team game, with a lot of team ssues, and raising the poor play of one guy is only going to lead to more turmoil.

  6. Well said LZ. Older teams tend to take longer to warm up. But what grates me is that everybody has been predicting the goaltending to be the weakest link. There are at least 12 other guys who have been a whole lot weaker. Let’s hope they wake up before the goaltender starts to lose interest.

    • The skipping of morning skates isn’t a grand plan either, but he didn’t mention that fiasco of a decision.

  7. Great Post Sensay.. could not agree more.. it is ironic that we get some terrific goaltending .. and yet the coach and some of the media pom pom waivers and ridiculous fans point out the bad goals.. Yes the ovechkin goal was a bad one.. however if lelcaire was not great in Toronto..the game could easily have been 8-1 .. Hey Clouston ya 4’9″ pipsqueak.. maybe you should comment on your horrifically soft defence.. which in my opinion is the softest, slow footed, and weak in the league. Stop shilling for your pets..And Murray.. love your drafting.. . but I am afraid you have built a D that is under sized.. and essentially provides opposing teams a spa in front of our net.. please acquire a big D who can hit..o wait we had that in sutton and he signed for only $2.2M per.. oh well..I am sure Brian Lee can fit the bill!!

  8. I understand what you are saying (Clouston shouldn’t be throwing his best performing player under the bus when the rest of the team has stunk), but as a fan of the Leafs I understand what Clouston is saying too. You need your goalie to come up with the big save even when, and maybe especially when, the team in front of him isn’t playing all that well. Think about how much better the team would feel about themselves if Leclaire makes that save and they win the game in a shootout. The whole atmosphere around the team would be different coming off a win against the best team in the eastern conference vs being winless in 3 games. The players would still know they can play better but a significant amount of external pressure is off, at least for a few days, and they would be in a position to be build momentum going forward. It is a big difference one save could make.

    • Agreed, one save can make a difference, but scoring more than 4 goals in 3 games sure would too, and to me, when comparing the 2 issues, the goaltending has not been the problem.

  9. When it come to manage a company, team or country. You ca either do it by fear or by carrot. Carrot as in positive motivation. I has been working in management in different countries on different continents, what Clouston doing here is simply unmotivating. Not just for Leclair but for lot of the other as well.

    In my point of view his answer should had been, well we was a bit unlucky. The team did much better and worked much better. Leclair did perfect except for the last goal, so we can not complain there. Shannon and Regin did very well. I think even Michalek did better, but he still have a long way to go, before he is were he should be. You can say much the same about Fisher, Foligno. And some more.
    Defense was much better, even there are still work to be done, but this positive development is what should take with us. <<

    Now everybody know that Michalek was very bad in the first 2 game and not to good in the last.
    We also know that Fisher has not been to good as well.
    Coach and management should first of all focus, when possibly and positive motivation.

    This is not the first time, Last year. 3 week into season, he first moved Regin from second line to a line with Cheechoo which did score on any line. That was fine, but then he put him of team and a time he was still the one that had scored most goal pr played min.
    Haw does it motivate the players around Cheechoo and Cheechoo himself? Motivation says sit Cheechoo but that took almost a season.
    Facts now says sit Michalek. Not for long, but you must state the right point, if you want to make an example. Even if the name is Spezza for stupid give aways.
    The point here is that, it is not just the one that sit that learn from this.
    Let us sit Michalek, do you think that Fisher, Foligno, Kolalev and others get the message then. It is from first line to bench?
    Before the Washington game you could had benched Kolalev, but sine Shannon, Regin and Kolalev line was one of the two working lines, how ever much or less he was part of it.16 shuts in direction of goal (A, A/B and MS) in just 11 min. That is more than one shut a min. Except only one goal, that is the way to go.
    What ever Clouston should really focus on the messages he gives the team.

    • Kovy playing off the 2nd line was a bit of a demotion, and he floated through the first 2 periods, but he did have one very solid shift in the 3rd. He’s been president of the of the SSSC (Slow Starting Seniors Club).

      • My point is when to give message to player and to who.

        Sometime a team become better in the long run, by showing even the best play, We what you to play well.
        BUT you have to do it at the right time, because else it is not the right message you gives.

        If you have bench Kolalev after second game, but he did improve enough in the second game, that it is to late after the 3’Th game,

        By the way I think that Regin and Shannon played fantastic. And Kolalev was the 3 best player on the line.
        It will be difficult to sit Shannon after that game.
        I also agrees that Kolalev made his part of bad plays against Washington.

      • Fantastic blog you made here

  10. Yeah – thinking about it you would think he would take responsibility for some of the shortcomings. The PP especially.

    If this continues what happens ? My vote for out next coach is Perry Pearns.

    • Woah k747, I don’t want the guy fired, I just want to point out his stupidity, and maybe, if he should by some off chance read my blog (which I doubt), think about what he said.
      ps Pearn would be awesome to get back.

      • No reason yet to fire any one,
        BUT I think that Clouston could use some media training.

        His hockey sense is much better than mine.
        BUT you need team management as well on the coach position.
        If Clouston could improve this, I believe that Ottawa would have an even better team.

        Saidly a lot of coaches in prof sport, could be better on this.
        Actually it is missed in almost any sport.
        AND it is not that easy.

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