All things considered, that’s a pretty long list.

Everything would include 5-5, PP, PK and even practice.

How is it possible that, after an extended pre-season, and almost one week of team practices, the Sens still need to work on “everything”, as pointed out by Clouston.

Honestly, somehow I doubt it.

I doubt the Sens are doing “everything” wrong.  I suspect they’re doing one or two things wrong, and like with any precision mechanism, even the slightest mis-alignment can cause catastrophic failure.

As mach as going 0-2 to open the season is an indictment on the play of the Senators, it is also a compliment to the competitiveness of the NHL in general.  The days of sleep-walking through a game, and still getting to the bus with two points in the bank, are long gone.  In todays NHL you earn every point you get, game by game, shift by shift, through hard individual efforts and more importantly, precision play.  It has not been a lack of talent that has sunk the Sens, it has been an abject lack of precision.

Cue the tape.

No doubt every Senator has become glassy eyed from reviewing tape of the previous two games.  Good, they represent 6 hrs. of my life I’ll never get back.  If it won’t cost the players in terms of dollars (they owe the Ottawa Sens fans a free gate for their opening night pro hockey masquerade show), at least it will cost them some of their time.

Is the season doomed to this sort of play?  Absolutely not.  Let’s not get swept up in the negativity, and take two games as an indicator for this teams remaining 80 games.  But that being said, in the new competitive NHL, the fix has to be in, fast, or future solid play will come to naught, in terms of seeing post season play.



One Response to “Everything”

  1. at least the goaltending’s been good..

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