Latest b/r Article

Here’s the link to my 4th, unique, b/r article.

Ottawa Senators: False Start



3 Responses to “Latest b/r Article”

  1. One thing I must comment on re: Leclaire. Some of those goals that were scored against were from rebounds he put out in front of the net. He has played well considering what the rest of the team has been doing. But he has to learn to control those rebounds or redirect them somewhere else.
    Let’s hope for a better effort in Wash. They may not win — but they have to play better.

    • Anyone who has played goal understands trying to control rebounds is a bit like trying to hold your breath while being punched in the stomach. It’s easier if you see it coming, and it isn’t too hard.
      Unfortunately, when your d is so porous or screening you, it’s hard to control rebounds.

  2. You are right re: defense. The loss of Kuba hurt them with the experience they have lost. I think if Lee and or Karlsson have a bad game, there may be a D or two coming up from Bingo.

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