Here’s To Blind Faith

2 seasons ago, Murray traded a struggling 2nd line centre, for a Patsy.

Pascal “Patsy” LeClaire.  He arrived hobbling, but among much fanfare.  Pierre McGuire went so far as to call him “the answer” to the Sens long suffering goaltender woes. Sens fans, in unison, thought “we’ll see”

But, we asked ourselves,  what did he do to EARN this fanfare?

His best season, in the NHL, was 07/08 with CLB.  He was in 54 games, had 9 SO’s, and won 24 games.  But let’s look more closely.  9 shut-outs in 54 games, that means he allowed 112 goals in 45 games, or 2.48 GAA.  Nothing wrong with that, but nothing spectacular either.

The fact remains that, with only 159 NHL regular season games, Pascal has a lot left to prove.  He’s also in a contract year.  He has to not only prove he is a legit #1, he has to prove he’s a legit NHL’er.  That’s a lot of pressure.

Enter noetics.

As a fanbase, Sens fans are fragile.  We haven’t the benefit of generations of play to lean on.  We haven’t the benefit of a long standing fan base.  In the grand scheme of things, we are a fan base of hard-core, deeply committed followers, constantly fighting off the barbs of other more deeply rooted fan bases.  Worse, we’re surrounded by them, being the rose between the thorns of Toronto and Montreal, the NHL’s 2 most spirited and iconic franchises.

Any weakness in our team is attacked from all sides.  I know, cue the violins, wah, wah, wah.  That’s not my point, I’m not trying to whine, I’m trying to be honest about the unique reality of being a Sens fan.  And like any hen pecked chicken, the slightest concern has us dashing for cover, and expecting the worst.

It has to stop.  Now.

Let us all, on the eve of the drop of the puck, embrace the power of noetics.  Who knows, maybe our negative/fragile psyches have contributed to our long standing goaltender woes?  Or, maybe not.  I dunno, but what is there to lose, right?

I say, tomorrow night, at the drop of the puck, all of us Sens fans say, in unison, “Sens have great goaltending”, and then maintain that thought, through thick and thin, season long.  You know, keep the faith.

Because, as fans, we have the passion, we have the deep seated attachment to our team, but sometimes I don’t think we have the faith.  Is it blind faith?  Maybe, but show me a great franchise, without a fan base with blind faith.

“Sens have great goaltending”.

Have a little (blind) faith, and just say it, then believe it.


p.s., here’s the link to my latest (2nd) unique b/r article, Ottawa Senators: Brian Murray’s Looking Forward To A Three-Way.




7 Responses to “Here’s To Blind Faith”

  1. GN:

    SENs have great goaltending!

  2. Why not? I’m willing to believe – for today 🙂

    Only thing that will cure us of our fragile mental state is a cup…..

    That moment will change the world.

  3. I definitely agree with you…why not be ignorantly supportive of our team. First in the divi, first in the conference. GO SENS GO
    oh and Pascale gets another 9 shutouts

  4. I believe …. C.mon and say it again, I BELEIEVE !!! 🙂
    Al leh lu f’n yeah. lol

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