The Spezza drama, free agency, Cowen debates and now who’s the number one, let’s face it, these were mere distractions, filler if you will, while we waited for what we really wanted.

As I’m sure will be the case all season long, one game, the last game, will influence our moods, our sleep and our outlook in general. How or why I simply do not know but it does all the same.

I watch every game expecting a win, cheering when they do and getting upset when they don’t. I want the Sens to win 82 games this season, then 16 straight in the post season.

Anything less is just one degree away from right.

That’s what happens when you’re a die hard. You live and breathe it. You read it, you listen to it, you watch it, and in my case, you even write about it.

It’s a passion.

A burning, sometimes elating, sometimes crushing, all-consuming, passion.

Honestly, I don’t care who starts, who scores, or who fights.

I just care who wins.




One Response to “Finally!”

  1. Me too! It’s not enough to win every game – I get upset if they don’t win every shift!

    Finally – game time at last. I’ll only start the pre-game at like 3PM with the team1200.

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