Todays Treasure, Tomorrows Problem?

If Murray has done anything since becoming Sens GM, it’s load up on blue-line prospects.  Great blue-line prospects.







That’s a complete roster of Dmen, all from one GM.  Wow.

But, as much as that may make us Sens fans count our chickens, what does the team do if they hatch…all at once?  Maybe one could look at what is being faced by the Panthers, for a worst case scenario.  Too many solid young Dmen has forced them to drop one of them back to junior, and he’s none to pleased to be there.  Unlike Cowen, Gudbranson made the much weaker Panthers based upon his performance out of camp, but was still sent down.  Some suggest it was due to money, but I doubt it, as the money they’re paying his replacement is more than what he was likely to sign for, in guaranteed dollars.  I suspect it had more to do with not wanting 2 inexperienced Dmen populating the blue-line at once.

Get where I’m going with this?

Next season, conceivably, every one of the Sens D prospects could make the team out of camp.  Great you say.  But, the Sens also happen to be committed to 5 current regulars, and presumably 6, if you count Phillips.  That makes for one shockingly crowded blue-line.  And, potentially, some seriously pissed off players.

There’s no way around it, somethings gotta give.  It simply has to.


p.s. After receiving an invitation from Bleacher Report, to contribute articles on the Senators,  I’ve decided to also post articles on their site.  They will not be the same article as found here, but will be of the same style.  I will be doing my best to keep up both with original material, and would love to have some views and commentary from regulars.  This site will remain my #1 priority, so keep coming back here, and I’ll post a link to B/R if I post a unique article there.

Here is the link to my first b/r article, 2010-11 Ottawa Senators Rule No. 1: No Sharing Allowed. Please check it out, and let me know what you think.


11 Responses to “Todays Treasure, Tomorrows Problem?”

  1. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

    Well I haven’t even read your first BR article yet and I can tell you that you’ll be better than most of their current writers.

    I look forward to seeing more Sens-related articles there as well.

    Congrats and good luck!

  2. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

    Oh right.

    As for the blue-line prospects. All of Cowen, Weircoch, Gryba and Rundblad could all push for spots on the NHL roster, or they could all require a(nother) year in the AHL. It’s a good problem to have. Campoli is close to being a UFA, so he may not be retained long-term. Phillips is also a UFA but will most likely be re-signed. Carkner has played well, but his upside isn’t as much as the our prospects, and his low salary means he could fit in a sa 7th or 8th D-man.

    I expect Rundblad to spend a year in the AHL next season, along with one of Cowen, Weircoch and Gryba. The other two will most likely make the Big Sens, unless Carkner really outplays them.

    So I would expect to see a 2011 line-up of


    • You’re right about Rundblad, but the rest could all come out of camp looking for their parking spots at SBP.

  3. GN:

    B/R article #1…well done, solid hockey strategy! However, it was the guys of my era, Bobby ORR and the big bad Bruins, who were the first to establish a tremendous imbalance in puck possesion. What with Orr the first true, join the rush, PMD, their Power Play and the best draw men in the league (Centers…Sanderson was #1, Mckenzie was #5 and Phil Esposito was about 7th.)

    It was “Pie” Mckenzie himself, who told me Nik “If I got the puck then you don’t!”

    • Orr changed the game forever, nobody had a clue where he was going, or what to do when he got there.
      Wish I could have appreciated him live, but I was too young.

  4. Second B/R…persue this abundance of defencemen theme, current and on the way, project it out 1 or two seasons. Possible moves by Bryan Murray and hypothetical offers from other clubs. I’ll critic it for you and you can submit it to the B/R.

  5. GN:

    That should have read or suggested “All of us critique and add other angles” then you move it on and up as the intelectual power of your blog.

  6. How about a defenceman for a goalie prospect ..
    I mean Lehner is great .. but you need a plan B and martin B is not that guy.

    • I believe a lot will hinge on the forward prospects.
      Wick, Petersson, Silfverberg, Hoffman, Butler & Daugavins.
      If the Sens feel this group is lacking in top 6 talent, they will no doubt be looking to supplement this need, and a D prospect may be leveraged to meet this goal.

      • Lee Zamparo Says:

        I think you’re right, they’ll see who has a good year in Binghampton before making any offers. Hopefully one or more of those above can really fill up the net this year.

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