Down To The Wire…Literally.(2xUpdate)

(2:59) Souray assigned to Hershey of AHL, no trade.  If he refuses to report, he will be suspended, and EDM saves on his contract.  If he does report, expect a re-call sooner rather then later.

Hale clears waivers, assigned to Bingo.

Yes, Tambs is getting desperate to move Souray.

No, he won’t be traded alone.

How desperate is now the question.

Rumour has it, from multiple sources, that there are deals on the table, but Tambs would have to include either a first rnd pick, or top prospect with Souray, and take back some salary, to get it done.

So far he’s not biting.

The thing is, he is in a terrible position. If he assigns Souray, he will have to re-call him to move him, rendering any trade potential virtually useless, as he would likely be grabbed off of re-call.  This would leave EDM paying half of his salary, for nothing in return.  If he doesn’t move him, or assign him, he still pays his full tab of 4.5M.  That’s a big chunk of bills for a small franchise to burn.

Is this better than losing a prospect and/or pick?


But we’ll know by 3:30 today.

And yes, now multiple people have indicated Murray has had discussions wth EDM, but do not know to what extend.



4 Responses to “Down To The Wire…Literally.(2xUpdate)”

  1. GN why would Murray want Souray ? Gonchar and Karlsson are first on the PP. The only team that is willing to burn salary for picks is Toronto no ?

    • GSM, I’m not saying he does, to be clear.
      But, it is omportant to note that Souray would actually be a lower cap hit, and price tag, than Kuba. Who’s the better player? Honestly, to me, it’s a pick’em. Add to that landing a F prospect, and you have a reason to deal.
      But, again, not saying he is dealing.

  2. I think Kuba is the better player, he doesn’t have Souray’s offensive skills, but I think Karlsson and Gonchar are better offensively while Souray is below average defensively.

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