Over-Stocked & Ready To Deal?

Just had an interesting conversation with a contact in the league, western based NHL team, NOT the team involved in the rumour!

Seems the Sens are being targeted as being “over-stocked” in defensive prospect talent, but lacking in offensive prospect talent.

Wow, what a news flash captain obvious.

But that’s not where it stopped.

It seems there is a lot of discussion going on between Ottawa and a western team deep in offensive prospect talent, and light in defensive talent, both at the ready and prospect level.

Apparently this team is willing to make a move, and Murray is game, bt it’s coming down to, you guessed it, money.

The Sens are tight to the cap, and can’t take on extra salary without a BIG pay off.

Then, in the middle of the discussion, Hale goes on waivers, clearing some space.

A smoke signal?  Dunno.

Here’s exactly what was said.

“Edmonton wants help on their blueline, now, and can’t get anything done with Souray.  The think is that Souray will be made available on re-call, and if the Sens take him on, at half price, Edmonton gets Kuba and a high end prospect D in exchange for a 2nd rnd pick and a top end offensive prospect.”

Interesting.  BUT, just a RUMOUR!



11 Responses to “Over-Stocked & Ready To Deal?”

  1. Nothing wrong with rumors, they’ve just been given a bad name by Dwayne Kessel (E5)

  2. lol.
    So long as everybody takes it for what it’s worth, 1M in entertainment, 0 in reality.

  3. Interesting, but I would be surprised if this kind of trade could actually be ironed out. Lot’s of details here…

    I also think the Murrays are pretty happy with being overstocked in defensive prospects, especially offensive defensemen.

    That said, if it was Kuba and Lee for Souray and Magnus Paajarvi, with a late pick either way to even things out, I’d say go for it!

  4. This would make sense if it was Souray’s last contract year, but he has more term and we need the space to re-sign Phillips and get a good goalie next year. Probly won’t happen, and the best we could get from them is Omark, the other kids are likely untouchable.

  5. Lee Zamparo Says:

    None of Edmonton’s big three are going anywhere. I think AJ’s right, Omark is probably the only “ready” prospect available, and I’m not sure how much of an upgrade he is on Butler / Wick / Hoffman / Pettersen. Also, there is little chance that Murray would be interested in taking Souray back. Bad for the room, bad for the pocket book, and takes up a space in the top 6 that would be better filled by a prospect next year.

    • Not to lend credibility to this rumour but, at 1/2 price, Souray actually costs less than Kuba, and like Kuba has 2 yrs remaining. So, he’s less, withthe same term, makinghim the better cap (and financial) option.
      Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really think there’s much to this, in fact, I suspect the Sens are looking to Parent, not Souray, but on the surface, between Kuba or Souray, I’d probably take Souray, as he has more jam…but it would be a tough call.

  6. If the prospect was Magnus, I would seriously consider adding Souray.

    Just me though. I think that kid is going to be a winner. I also think he was on BM”s watch list. I know they took Cowen, but he was rated 3rd, after all.

  7. corbechev Says:

    Souray has spent the last 2 years battling injuries, are we sure he won’t spend a 3rd doing the same?

  8. SensDew19 Says:

    anything but Souray please 🙂 Id rather keep kuba tbh but I agree Hale being suddenly waived has got to be a sign of things to come

    • Not necessarily, could just be a good time to drop him through, with a lot of other players, while teams are looking to shed salary, not add it.

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