Trouble Colin.

It’s his first test of the year too.

Is he a pro, or just another poser?

Can he bring it when it matters, or is he just a fair weather talker?

That’s the question facing Colin Campbell, league disciplinarian, as the rest of us get ready for the drop of the puck.

What Coli has on the docket before him;

1. Mike Cammalleri, skilled forward with impact and name value, spears, cross checks and slashes his opponent in a pre-season match-up.  Receives a match penalty, and the corresponding automatic review.

2. Derek Boogaard, a non skilled, one dimensional goon, spears his opponent from behind, in a pre-season match-up. Receives a match penalty, and the corresponding automatic review.

Similar acts (albeit, Cammys was worse, considering his stalked him), but totally dis-similar players.

Does Cammy get more than Boogy, as should be the case?

Does Boogy get more than Cammy, solidifying the Star v. Goon prejudice?

Does Coli let both slide, right from the start, proving his lack of worth and integrity?

In pre-season, everybody gets a chance to prove themselves, even the league office.



8 Responses to “Trouble Colin.”

  1. If Cammalleri isn’t given a four game suspension at least, this could end up being the year of the cheap artist. That conduct was reprehensible and I think he should be banned for a Chirs Simon like time period (20 + games). It was vicious, intended, he acted repeatedly and had no regard for the well being of his opponent. This was much worse than the Downie hit on Mcammond a few year ago, and the NHL should act accordingly.

    • The stalking aspect of it was certainly an aggrevating variable. As well, he, over a period of time, not split second, applied multiple illegal physical contact, showing a clear, and intentional effort to injure.
      BUT, the fact it is a “phone in” meeting, indicates it will be fewer than 2 games, and quite possibly only a fine.

  2. There has been a lot of ‘garbage’ that has gone on in this pre-season that the league did nothing about.
    Colby Armstrong has had a least 2 questionable hits, that were not even reviewed.
    Boogaard’s stick on Neil was cowardly. One Ranger fan pointed out it was in retaliation from a hit THE PREVIOUS GAME by Neil on Marc Staal. Then fight him IN THAT GAME — why wait until his back is turned and do the cowardly act in the next game.
    If Cammy’s stick had connected with Nino’s face or neck — we would be talking about a severe injury today.
    I doubt he gets more than 1 game or a fine.
    BUT it’s time the league looks at the ACTIONS not at the player doing them or the consequences (injury or not). They way they do it is ridiculous.
    Or better yet, the league’s disciplinary system gets an overhaul with people not connected with any team or the league — 3rd party system I think is the way to go. Closely following the guidelines for actions that warranted fines or suspensions regardless of the player, the team they play for, or playoffs.


    • Although I appreciate the idea of the punishmen for intent, not outcome logic, it is more likely to result in injustices than justices. For this very reason even the far more regulated legal system has tiered degrees of criminal acts.
      That being said, unlike the justice system (supposedly blind), the NHL’s justice system is without a doubt influenced far more by box office outcome, than player safety/integrity.
      Is ths right? A free market supporter would argue dollars are never wrong.

  3. Come on!!!

    Colin Campbell – known as “Colly” by broadcasters who he has never met, is a known quantity. A guy who is almost completely clueless, he really is the personification of the Keystone Cops. His amazing ability to NEVER make the right call almost defies description.

    If you didn’t follow hockey, you’d think I was joking or ranting. No. It’s the absolute truth that this clown is almost single-handedly responsible for dozens of concussions, broken limbs and lost careers.

    His complete inability to enforce acceptable standards of play is mind-boggling when you think about it. Every major foul becomes a matter for speculation and side-bets. Will there be discipline ? Will a player be suspended? What are the lines that can’t be crossed – who knows? Not “Colly!”

    • Coli is a mouth piece and indicative of the circle jerk that is the NHL BOG.
      For the most part he operates on the premise that to do less is more, as more or less, nobody (BOG) cares about the players, only their players, and, at each occurance, that involves only 2 of 30, and they cancel each other out.
      Is it stupidity?

  4. Colin Cambell should get three games in the “East Coast League” no hat!

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