Going Deep.

With camp over, here’s my take on the Sens 2010/11 available depth chart.  Obviously, this is a very fluid (and subjective) list, and can change game in, game out.  The list also becomes difficult to predict in the lower half, and better represents likelihood of playing a regular shift in the NHL than likelihood of being an injury call up, due to particular skill sets.


  1. J. Spezza
  2. M. Fisher
  3. C. Kelly
  4. J. Winchester
  5. R. Shannon
  6. C. Bass
  7. C. Locke
  8. C. Greening

Left Wing

  1. M. Michalek
  2. N. Foligno
  3. P. Regin
  4. J. Ruutu
  5. Z. Smith
  6. M. Hoffman
  7. K. Daugavins
  8. C. Cowick

Right Wing

  1. D. Alfredsson
  2. A. Kovalev
  3. C. Neil
  4. B. Butler
  5. R. Wick
  6. J. O’Brien
  7. R. Keller
  8. J. Bailey

Left Defense

  1. C. Phillips
  2. S. Gonchar
  3. F. Kuba
  4. D. Hale
  5. P. Wiercioch
  6. D. Smith

Right Defense

  1. E. Karlsson
  2. C. Campoli
  3. M. Carkner
  4. B. Lee
  5. E. Gryba
  6. C. Shira


  1. T.B.D.
  2. P. Leclaire/B. Elliott
  3. M. Brodeur
  4. R. Lehner

3 Responses to “Going Deep.”

  1. TBD…it’s been determined just not announced. It’s Pascal and that’s a mistake, I just hope we don’t stick with him too long…a shaky start could cost us the Division Championship!

    • Speculated…but probably right.
      The fact remains that, if it’s a pick ’em, the guy earning big bills also earns the chance to play himself off the ice.

  2. I watched all games when Leclaire was in net (actually watched all games so far, even rookie tournament included). Yes, last game he did a few things that make you cringe a little. But Lecalire forgets easily, and rebounds nicely (no pun intended). The one game he let in 4 goals, he couldn’t do much about all of ’em.

    Now that the team is set, let’s give him a chance to burn himself. He has the potential to be great . so far, he has been average, or a little less than average. I’ll argue the NYR might just be a little queasy about the ‘King’ Lundqvist whom also let in 4 goals. I would argue Elliot has let in more ‘soft’ goals than Leclaire.

    It will be a tough ride. With parity in the conference, and the advancement of young speedy talent today, it should be interesting hockey this season.

    On the positive side, is it just me, or has Kelly had his hands turned to flesh from stone again? (Yes, a shameless D&D reference) 🙂

    Man, the guy has really impressed me. almost as much as Smith and Foligno.


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