A Matter Of Firsts.

  1. Elliott allows the first goal…again.
  2. Karlsson pots his first goal of the season.
  3. Spezza makes his first clear statement of “how do you like me now?” (a lot!)
  4. Cowen has his first terrible game.
  5. First game after finally practicing the PP (25%ER) and it looked solid.
  6. Sens go to first OT.
  7. Sens go to first SO.

For those who had the luck to catch last nights tilt on Broadway, you were treated to a first rate game of hockey.  Good rushes, solid defensive plays, and outstanding all around effort on the parts of both teams.  That was, regardless of the meaningless result, one hell of a great game.

On a good note, the team had an opportunity to watch Cowen play vs. near full NHL competition, and although he didn’t look completely out of place, he was too often caught flat footed. or out of position.  Whether he can progress quickly enough to remain in the hunt for a full time NHL roster spot is up to those with fair more knowledge to me, but it seems a tough hill to climb, IMO.  Contrast that with the play of Lee, and to a lesser degree, Hale, and I find it unlikely Cowen will play beyond the 9 game mark of the regular season, if that.  Again, I remain very high on Cowen, and the fact that he can even remotely compete at the NHL level, at 19, after coming off of 2x knee surgery, and mono, is proof positive of this kids top end potential.  Why push it?

The play of the Ruutu, Kelly, Neil line was inspiring, and I no longer want to see this line broken up, no matter what.  They absolutely owned every shift they played, but were victimized by some defensive breakdowns outside of their control.  Keep this line together, it is dynamite.

Shannon, a guy who has to make a good impression, did so, in spades.

Lastly, Alfie and Mich looked great, and seem no worse for wear after the recovery of the off season, awesome.

Here’s to another great game tonight, and let’s hope the injuries stay at bay.


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