A Recipe For Losing

One healthy dose of apathy

One missed open net

One dry humping of an opponants leg.


Although it was an entertaining game, and both teams showed some good plays, the loss to the Leafs, although meaningless, was disappointing.  Not because they lost to the Leafs, because of how they lost.  Foligno missing a wide open net, I mean, no pressure, wide open, brutal.  But most offensive was the play of Mike Fisher at the end of the third.  What in the name of all things classy was he doing humping Armstrong’s leg?  That was the most bizarre, stupid, and selfish act I ‘ve seen in some time, and for a guy wanting to be a leader on this team, he just cost the team a meaningless, but moral victory by playing the fool.

It doesn’t matter how poorly officiated the game is, you can’t take a meaningless penalty with 2 minutes remaining in a tie game, or, if you do, make it count, jump him, don’t ride his leg around like a dog with boundary issues.

The Leafs got the win, and certainly worked for it, surprisingly hard for an x game, but the missing an easy goal and the taking of a stupid penalty likely cost the Sens a (meaningless) win.

I’m just glad the running around by the Leafs didn’t result in any serious injuries.  I just don’t get intentionally hitting to hurt in the pre-season, then again, the Leafs likely know they will need to weaken other teams if they have any hope of improving on their 29th place finish.  Maybe somebody in the TML org. should be as concerned about forming a skilled team, as they are about forming a goon team, maybe, just maybe, they would actually make the post season…nah, winnings over rated, just ask a Leaf fan.



5 Responses to “A Recipe For Losing”

  1. RE: Leafs as goons.

    What can you say? It worked didn’t it? In my view, the Fisher thing was a direct result of the Leafs running everyone in sight. You can tell players not to do things like that, but that all goes out the window when they go after your goalie & your captain in the heat of the moment.

    What is disgusting is the passive way the team reacted. What if Leclaire or Alfredson had been injured ? And they will be, teams are going to go back to the old formula – play slapshot against the sens and they will fold, or get off their game.

    One thing you know, Ottawa WILL NOT retaliate. They won’t run a goalie, no matter what.
    Letting Kovalev fight, instead of smashing Rosehill and taking a 3rd man penalty is just…weak.

    And what is with all the penalties ? Watching the sens constantly hook people for no reason if extremely frustrating. You can’t use your stick to tap the puck carriers hand and then pretend you didn’t interfere.

    Well, you can. But the refs aren’t going to miss it. CC has to take ownership of some of these problems – because they’ve been going on long enough under his watch.

  2. GN:

    747 is right…dressing room fines…flip your stick over cost you a “yard” (Neil)…slashing the hands (Jason’s) 2nd offence $200…failing to protect Pascal or “Erik” or Alfie…ya hafta appear in front of the kangaroo court in secret session!

  3. Michael S Says:

    8 games makes for a long pre-season.

    • Yup, but the remaining games will be more like regular games, with full line-ups and more conditioned plaers, on both sides.

  4. Yes, the stick infractions absolutely must stop, now…NOW! This is a result of both managerial leadership, and roster leadership, and both need to step in and exact some sort of price for those who take “lazy” penalties.
    And in that game, it came down to penalties. Just look at the +/-, not a stat I love, but it can be telling, like in this instance.
    Ottawa finished +10, Toronto finished -10.
    That is why Toronto wants to play in the trenches, 5-5 they have little or no chance to compete. Fisher gave them what they wanted, the win, on their terms.
    I hear you Kyle on the physicality, but I see it more as a frustration issue, than reality, becaue the fact is the team did respond. If Kovy wants to fight, so be it, let him, he’s a man, and he wasn’t against Rosehill. As for running GS, they did, remember? What bothered me was Grabo getting a pass for the same, as did the Komi for the blindside and then Armstrong for the boarding. That’s a game management issue, and frankly bafling, but typical.
    As for Fisher, I agree he was boarded, but man alive, dry humping a guys leg as retaliation? That was just shameful. Get up, take and number, and either cash his cheque later, or punch him in the face immediately. Hold onto his leg…with 3 minutes remaining in a tied game…WTF was that?
    The douchebag hit on EK was typical, as was the Komi blindside on Alfie, it’s what skill-less teams do to try to get more skilled teams off of their game, and try to win in the trenhes, not on the ice. This allows them to level the playing surface. The Sens shouldn’t get sucked into playing the Leafs game, that’s a losing proposition, and it was.
    I understand the desire for the eye for an eye approach, but it’s purely selfish, and destructive, I’m glad they didn’t get too drawn in, until Fisher ate it up. THAT was what cost them the win, not failing to be overly drawn in, up to that point, IMO.
    The whole idea of Ottawa being “soft”, or “gutless” is false. Carkner, Neil, Ruutu, Fisher, Winchester, Smith are all overtly physical players, that play a regular shift too. The Leafs have, as overtly physical regulars, Orr, Armstrong, Komi and Phaneuf.
    In fact, on that list, Orr has the least ATOI, and worst PROD, among forwards, making him a non issue except in fighting. Is this MMA or hockey?
    Nuff said.
    Had Ottawa won that game 4-3, the story would have been how the Sens beat the Leafs in the alley, and on the ice. But they lost, so instead it’s the reverse.
    Let’s face it, if they lose a physical game, without exacting an absurd (and useless) physical toll on the opposition, they will be criticised for being “gutless”. If they lose a “skill” game, they’ll be accused of being “out-classed”.
    It’s not how you win or lose, it’s if you win or lose.
    Wins breed adoration, losses breed contempt.

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