Owning It.

This is what it comes down to for a prospect.  Owning responsibility for your play, good and bad.

“I didn’t think he would come that fast and I got a little bit panicked and made a mistake. If you make a mistake, it ends up in the net,” said Lehner.

In his first x season game, Lehner was a stand-out, for all the right reasons.  In his second, he was a stand-out for all the wrong ones.  That “deer in the headlights” move behind the net was, well, rookie.  Apropos.  But what wasn’t rookie was his recovery, and his attitude about the play.  He owned it.  He will learn from it, and admitted he has more to learn.  If nothing else, that one statement, and its inherent reality, make Lehners’ x season a raving success.

Lehner wasn’t going to make this club out of camp, barring spectacular play, and 2 goaltender injuries, I’m sure he knew that.  Did he float through camp, resigned to his fate?  Nope.  Did he crack under the pressure of doing whatever he could to prove himself ready?  Nope.  Did he walk around with a “I’m a future #1” swagger, but nothing to back it up?  Nope.  He worked hard, played extremely well, and owned up to his play, good and bad.

I just hope the rest of the prospects took note, because Lehner is an example to be followed.



3 Responses to “Owning It.”

  1. Amen. I was floored with his post-game interview.

  2. Yeah, Lehner absolutely sold me with his play and attitude for exactly the reasons you say. When he was hot, it was awesome to watch… when he was not, it was awe-inspiring to see his ability to recover and build.

    Here’s hoping he will be a class act in Ottawa for a long time….

  3. This kid has definitely been our best goalie this pre-season and everyone knows it. And with such an apparently good attitude… The first signs of our shaky 1 and 2 goalies losing it could mean a call up for him! And if he keeps up the great play at the NHL level, we could see Elliott moving to trade bait status with Lee and Shannon.

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