1. Fisher pulls a groin in practice…insert newly wed joke here.  By all accounts it is nothing serious.
  2. Foligno gets time on the second line – Much deserved, Nicky “The Chin” Foligno has been awesome this pre-season, and so here’s a mea culpa from the guy who wrote him off as a career 3rd liner.  Keep proving me wrong Nick.
  3. Cowen continues to improve – Game over game, Cowen is doing a great job of not only showing his pedigree as a legit elite prospect, but may actually be establishing himself as a legit NHL’er.  I still maintain, considering the teams blueline depth, he’d be better developing  elsewhere, but if he keeps up the strong play, the team may have no choice but to keep him.
  4. Lessard – I appreciate the kids heart, but wouldn’t his ice time be better used playing a guy with a real chance at making the team?  I’m over the one-dimensional goon.
  5. Elliott lets in the first easy one – First shot, first goal…again.  Lets hope the trend is broken early, because when he settles down, he can be a game changer.
  6. Spezza pots 2 – Spezza looks faster than I’ve ever seen him, not saying he’s a speed demon, but his foot speed has definately improved.  Add to this his incredible offensive talent, and we have the makings of a big, BIG season.
  7. Kovy, Mich and Alfie look healthy – The big worry of nagging issues is at least lessened after watching these three play, and perform, after off season surgery.
  8. Karlsson is soooo good – Enough said.
  9. Gonchar makes his debut – In his first game, Gonchar shows what he does best , run a power play, and create offensive opportunities.  Foiling a break-away, with a diving poke check, was icing on the cake.
  10. Carkner and Cowen – What a devastating duo , I love it! 



7 Responses to “X-Files”

  1. We like #13 with Jason and Alfie.

    We like Nick M. for “Mario” Foligno with Fish And Kovy.

    But where does that leave 9MM?

    Note: “Mario” is the best fit for the kids (#18/#15)

    • See, I’m not sold on Nick as a grinder. He can do it, passibly, but it isn’t his forte. I’d sooner he play a 3A line role with Kelly and Smith, leaving a 3B line of Ruutu, Neil and Winnie. As the game changes, or depending upon the physicality, the ice time goes to the most appropriate 3rd line, A or B.
      This team has the very real opportunity to play with 2 3rd lines, and no 4th, letting the big guns focus on PP’s and line matching for offense.

  2. Nik, maybe he should get third line with an auto call up to top 6 left wing if injuries happen…


    Ruutu might be fun to watch with the kids. A rough and tumble energy line.

    Ps. I would also preffer to give 13 a long hard look on the first. I just haven’t seen Mich fitting in with Spez and Alf. There has to be chemistry and magic on that top line. Mich could still have a huge impact on the second, and maybe avoid blowing out his knees with a few less minutes…

    • No doubt these two could be in a battle all season. I suspect ‘The Chin” has the edge right now, as he is playing with more intensity, but if Regin starts to bring his NHL effort every shift, it will be a situation of healthy competition shift in, shift out, with Clouston more than willing to shuffle priority in situ.

  3. 55/65 – High Octane Offence.
    4/48 – Clamp down, ground and pound D, with a few Big Slappers.
    39/14 – David and Goliath.
    55 – Last Chance Lee.

  4. Cowen has to stay.

    If he’s borderline NHL right now, he will waste an important year of development in the WHL.

    The Murray Bros. have shown a willingness to give a blue-chip prospect a chance to prove himself (see Karlsson last year). There’s no way they send a thorough-bred like Cowen (the highest Senators pick in a decade) back to play with 16 year olds.

    As for the supposed “log-jam” on defense – Gryba, Wiercioch, Lee can all be shipped to the A where they will continue to develop. Hale is a safe insurance policy if Carkner or Phillips get injured.

    • I believe Lee is waiver restricted now (signed ELC 07/2007, age 20) as it has been 3 yrs since his ELC. He is also a one way deal, not that it matters for waivers.
      I see your point about JC going back to the dub, but if he fails to play meaningful minutes, or worse, becomes frustrated either on or off the ice, while in the NHL, that is a big negative, especially when you add in the lost year of ELC and RFA.
      A tough one for sure. If he IS NHL ready, sure, keep him, but if it’s a bubble decision, I say send him back.

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