Sens V. Leafs – Game 2 Observations

Just watched the second pre-season game vs. the Leafs.  Although the final result was disappointing, the game wasn’t without some highlights.

On the prospect side;

  • Bass played an outstanding game.  He was physical, had a strong forecheck, and was very responsible in his own end, even seeing some solid performances on the PK.
  • Cowen too made a big impact in his second game.  He played a very poised and, at times, even dominated the game down-low in the defensive zone.

On the regulars side;

  • Foligno again posted a strong game, at both ends of the ice.
  • Karlsson was amazing, this kid could be incredible.
  • Lee once again played a solid, if not spectacular, game.

On the negative, Wick, Butler and Hoffman were all but invisible, and Regin was downright bad.

Here’s hoping to a good, and injury free game tonight.



One Response to “Sens V. Leafs – Game 2 Observations”

  1. Lag is ok GN .. 🙂
    Butler was v. impressive last night and so was Cowen. (Game vs. Montreal 🙂
    I think Hoffman is not a completely lost cause. Spezza and Foligno were excellent.

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