Have At It.

I’ll be Ex Patri for the next few days, and thus won’t be blogging on tonights game, but I’d love it if some of the readers here take to the “reply” and add their 2 cents.

Have at it, write your own takes on the game, the opposition, the players and, if necessary, the officiating (is it ever too early?).

I’m looking forward to reading the posts, as, to be honest, I love the discussion as much as, or more than, writing my own views.

In fact, I’d love to post a “View Of The Week”, with an eye to rounding up some regular contributors.  There’s no money in it (as you can see, I don’t do ads, or any form of monetization), but it is a great way to join the vibrant community of bloggers, and get views from the start, and use my site to grow a rep. of your own.

I blog because I have something to say.

Do you?



10 Responses to “Have At It.”

  1. 6:17pm: Finishing up some ad work on my laptop, sipping on a rye & coke. Already wearing the red Sens’ jersey & hat. I’m even contemplating pulling on my Sens’ slippers, and sitting under my Sens’ blanket. Hell… if I get really cold, I’ll even throw on my Sens’ jacket.

    Oh, and the Sens’ boxer shorts go without saying…

    I’m not sure I’ve ever been so excited for hockey… even if it IS a meaningless September preseason game… IT’S STILL HOCKEY!!!


  2. OK I’ll start:

    w.r.t. tonight’s game, I think Wick and
    – Invisible: Wick, Hoffman and Keller and to some extent Benoit. They all need AHL time.
    – Butler looked to be interest. I think he can improve from game to game.
    – Bass while ok , did not impress as he was supposed to replace Neil.
    – ZacH Smith was very impressive as was Winchester.
    – Wiercioch had his moment
    – Hale and Cowen looked ok as a shutdown pair

  3. Wick wants to go back to Europe…no confidence.

    ZacH missed at least 5 goals…good effort; tough night.

    Butler is just too small. Not strong enough.

    Bass has missed his envelope.

    Hale is a cut.

    Cowen gets better every shift.

    “Erik” was played too much. He’s one cool customer.

    Elliott better get his pads broken in fast!

    Wiercioch will light up the “A”.

    Foligno looked good @ center…

    Forth Line #71; #18; #15 and we shall beat teams with our 3rd and 4th line.

    That was a great exercise for the penalty killers…

  4. nik

    except that Hale, if called, is a #6 defenceman and is ok as such. The main think though that if Gryba or Wiercioch play to Hale’s level. They’ll be called up ahead of him fpr sure.
    As far as Hoffman, Butler and Wick, their performance in the A will show whether they will develop as they should

  5. I agree about Wick, Butler, and Hofmann. All will need time in the “A”. They show signs of what they can do, but not consistent enough.

    Cowen stood out for me last night. I think he has a real shot at making it.

    Tough break for Shannon, getting an elbow to the head from Rosehill (which went uncalled). Sutton got called for elbowing all the time last year, regardless of his size vs. whom he was hitting.

    Weircioch was good. Clouston called him out as one of the guys he was most impressed with during his post game interview.

    Guys that have really looked good have been Foligno, and Wincester. Man, Winnie looks like a different player this year. He is showing some “complete”, for sure.

    Zach Smith has also looked good.

    Elliot needs come focus. I think he sees Lehner in the rear view mirror.

    Guys like Hale, and Benoit were ok, but are Bingo bound.

    Tough guys Lessard, and Spencer will be in Bingo. But, I like Spencer. He has shown some good signs and may make it one day as a 4th liner. Not this year though.

    We still need to see Daugavins, Bailey, Greening, and Condra up front, and Schira, Gryba, Smith, and Kinrade on D over next two games against MTL.


  6. I agree with all points above.

    Standouts were Foligno, Smith, and Winnie on offence, with some flashes of brillance from Eric and Weircioch, though Eric is still scary around his own net…

    Smith and Winnie are starting to look like locks for the fourth line, which isn’t good new for Shannon, who will be hard pressed to break into the top nine.

    Cowen also looked pretty good at times. I think he truly will be the replacement to Chara that we’ve been lacking for a few years, maybe even this year. He does need work, but maybe the NHL is the right place for him to develop now.

    Elliot was quite shaky early on. A few greasy goals in the first, but he did look better towards the end. Hopefully he’s just shedding a little rust from the summer… Otherwise, Lehner could give him a run for his money this year.

    Should also add that it is getting more and more painful to watch the Sens on TSN, especially vs. Toronto. They do have more brain power on average (PM excluded) than the cabbage heads on Sportsnet Ontario, but they put little into their lazy analysis of the Sens and there is no doubt that they are a Toronto centric group. I love that they had to apologize to the Sense fans at the beginning about only talking about Toronto. The lame excuse made it all the funnier.

  7. Good thoughts all.

    Oman, TSN didn’t apologize to Ottawa. They clearly stated that night was the Toronto analysis night and that Ottawa’s analysis night was some other night; I don’t remember which. We can vilify them when that is proven wrong.

  8. You’re right PvR… that is what they said. I still think it was a lame excuse. And by apology, I meant explanation. Why not analyse the Sens that night? Oh right, because TORONTO ALWAYS GETS TOP BILLING. Ottawa can get their analysis when they are playing a less important team. Fuck TSN really. It’s total BS.

    Apologia: a formal, usually written, defense or justification of a belief, theory, or policy; a statement in which you defend or explain something such as an idea.

  9. hey Oman,

    I see your point but I suppose I just don’t want to get that upset over it. TO just has the bigger demographics and pulls the potential bigger viewer-ship and hence the potential bigger dollars. It’s a business and I think that drives the TSN machine. Anyway, enough about that. I’ve read your contributions here and there and look forward to your thoughts this season.



  10. Yeah, I get the business angle. It just gets more and more irritating over time. They aren’t nearly as bad as Kypreos and Waters on Sportsnet, but you’d think they could at least try to seem more impartial…

    At any rate, I’ll still watch TSN when they play a Sens game. Though the commentary pains me, at least it’s Sens hockey.

    I guess I am sounding a bit too bitter this soon in the season. Mostly I’m excited that hockey is back. I have all winter to complain about Pierre McGuire and the ass nuts on Sportsnet Ontario.

    Cheers Peter.

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