Where’s Gryba?

Had some interesting conversations today with people in and around the Sens TC, and the general word is that Gryba has been absolutely turning heads.

This might explain his absence in Toronto, along with many of the other locks on this roster.  I’m not saying he’s a lock, at all, but the fact he’s left behind, to practice with, and against, the big boys, speaks volumes.

If Gryba was up for an early cut, he’d be in T.O. right now, but being in Ottawa is more an indication of his having skipped the first bubble list than being at the top of it.  Cowen, by some reports, has been average, at best, and Wiercioch simply lacks the size to compete as a third pairing D-man.  Cowen can go back to Junior, be an all star, a leader, and gain some great experience in the WJ’s, or all but ride the pine in Ottawa.  Same goes with Wiercioch n Bingo.

I maintain this is Gryba’s job to lose, and if he continues to impress, he may have more than just Lee looking behind him.



3 Responses to “Where’s Gryba?”

  1. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

    Isn’t Weircoch 6’5? Or do you mean he hasn’t bulked up enough yet? Is he really that much smaller than Lee/Campoli?

    • GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

      After checking out sizes on the Sens website, Weircioch is listed as 6’4, 192 pounds. That’s 4 inches and 17 pounds more than Erik Karlsson, 4 inches more and 8 pounds than Campoli, 1 inch more and 16 pounds less than Lee. Alright, he’s woefully thin for a player his size, but intimidation isn’t exactl;y his game. Wouldn’t his lighter frame allow him to be more mobile and skillful? But yeah, he needs to bulk up, I just don’t think it necessarily excludes him from making the team.

      I’m with you on Gryba though, VERY excited about him. Hopefully he’ll make the team.

  2. Senzational Says:

    Hope you are right. The students at Boston U loved this kid. Never took a shift off.

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