Boys vs. Men.

After utterly embarrassing the Leafs at home, who again seem to be working with the theory that sucking is ok so long as you can be truculent, the Sens skated off with their first victory of the irrelevant season.

Yeah it was fun watching the Leafs puke all over themselves.

Yeah it was funny listening to the boo’s pouring down on the laughable Leafs.

Yeah it was enjoyable watching the Leafs regulars twice fail to score on extended 5-3’s.

Yeah it provided some chuckles to watch new captain, Dion Phaneuf, play pilon for two goals.

But, at the end of the game, it was about evaluation, not watching the Leafs be the Leafs, yes, they were who we thought they were, terrible.

So who impressed on route to the dominating win over the lowly Leafs?

Lehner – Wow.  Just…wow.  Yeah, it was one game, and yeah, it was against the hapless Leafs, but man alive, that kid impressed the hell out of me.  He was composed, quick, and battled through the traffic, even engaging in a skirmish after the whistle.  Add to that a sweet break-out pass, and you’re talking one hell of a performance for a kid out of the OHL.  Keep it up Robin, the future is yours if you keep up the hard work, you’ve got it, in spades.

Carkner – He was a beast, at both ends of the ice.  My only regret was that he was beaten to Brown, as I would have liked to watch him punch his mustache off.  If Carks can get the sights lined up, his hard shot may make him a legitimate threat from the blueline.

Campoli – This kid gets the road warrior award.  He played hard, and took a ton of punishment along the way.  Good game Chris, keep it up.

Lee – Lee looked solid all night, and did nothing to hurt his cause in making this team.  Let’s hope Hanson’s gutless head slam into the ice doesn’t lead to an injury.  How sick was that?  Hanson needs to visit a shrink if he thinks that was a reasonable action, and the league should (but won’t) review the play, there’s no place in the game for intentionally slamming a downed players head into the ice.  Disturbing.

The remainder looked average, neither making themselves stand-out, good or bad.  Neiler and Foligno were good, but that’s to be expected.

On the poor side was Cowen.  He looked good at times, taking control of the front of the net, but was too often caught holding the puck too long, and in the regular season, the speed is only going to increase.  He’ll have to make big strides to stick around, IMO.  This kid is going to be good, no doubt, but he’s yet to show himself to be NHL ready, yet.

Considering the relative depth of the two line-ups, and the lop sided outcome, Leafs fans must be left wondering what lies ahead…both this season, and beyond, or at least they should be.



3 Responses to “Boys vs. Men.”

  1. “Carefull” both Eastie and I liked Jared killing those three 5 on 3s…liked those blocked shots, Phaneuf no less…as you know the only place to find NHL speed/timing/reaction is in the Show, it’s a waste of time to revert to Junior hockey for this man.

    Note: People thought I was “Nuts” when I said Cowen should be kept as the seventh defenceman, practicing with the big guys…playing a little…I called #17 going to the infirmery opening up ice for him.

    • Make no mistake Nik, I’ll happily eat my words if Cowen proves me wrong. I have nothing against this kid, the opposite, I think he’s going to be a very solid NHL’er…in time.
      I’m no fan of rushing D men or goalies, and I believe he will learn more playing in the A, than in the N, but, unfortunately, that’s out of the equation. So, as you know, it’s the Dub or the Show, and to me, I’d rather he get back into form in the Dub, than be sat, or demoralized, in the Show.
      But yes, he looked solid killing penalties. Like I said, it wasn’t a gong show for Cowen, but to me, he isn’t there yet…but, camp ain’t over.

  2. i thought carkner looked good too, but holy shit, i forgot how bad he was at hitting the GD net

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